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Some highlights from this week’s articles:

“The first thing to realize is that every partnership is a risk, because your partner can also potentially become a competitor.” – A Closer Look: 5 Crucial Phases of Start-up Growth, Ilan Mochari, Inc.

“At the end of the day, start-up valuations are based on the final value of their exits through mergers and acquisitions or IPOs, and changes in these exit prices have an immediate ripple effect across every decision made in the industry.” – Why Stock Prices Are So Important For Start-ups, Danny Crichton, Tech Crunch

“It’s not just the moment of purchase that matters. To successfully build customer loyalty requires fresh marketing strategies at every phase of the purchase cycle: before, during, and after.” – How Marketers Can Drive Engagement at Every Phase of the Purchase Cycle, Matthew Kates, Econsultancy

Founders Flash

Keeping Bureaucracy Out of Your Start-Up

Big projects, regular meetings and formal policies all contribute to bureaucracy, a hang-up that can be irksome at a large corporation, and lethal at a start-up.  Dan Ward, author of F.I.R.E.: How Fast, Inexpensive, Restrained, and Elegant Methods Ignite Innovation, explains six ways you can simplify, so that wasted time and complicated processes don’t hinder your company’s growth.

Read more from “Bureaucracy Creeping Into Your Company? 6 Ways to Strip It Out” (Inc.).

Five Trademark Myths Debunked


Naming a business, designing a logo, writing a company slogan; there are many elements involved in building a company brand, and many of these elements can, and should, be trademarked.


Before you consider choosing or registering for trademarks, here are the five most prevailing myths surrounding trademarks, and what startups need to know to avoid these misconceptions.

Student Start-ups Lead Discussion at Yale Entrepreneurial Institute Gathering


On April 1, Goodwin Procter and Founders Workbench welcomed Yale Entrepreneurial Institute (YEI) for an evening gathering in the firm’s New York office.

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Our favorite articles from the week discuss how to implement video marketing without breaking the bank, suggest ways to know if your start-up is ready for PR, offer advice on hiring rock star interns, and outline a practical approach to building great products and teams.

Founders Flash


Start-up Financings


Our favorite articles from the week address start-up financing options and strategies. Read more about:


-          Mentally preparing yourself to raise money

-          How to compare equity, debt, and convertibles

-          Why it might be better for your start-up to self-fund

3 Tips on Attracting Top Talent With Stock Options


This week in Entrepreneur, Goodwin Procter partner Lynda Galligan discusses how to use stock options to attract start-up talent when your company has limited cash on hand.


According to Lynda, these three tips will help founders lure ideal candidates:


  1. Know what you’re offering.
  2. Make smart offers for key talent.
  3. Determine the right terms for acquiring talent and promoting retention.


For more on this recruiting approach, read the full article on Entrepreneur.

Founders Flash

Some highlights from this week’s articles:

“If you can’t get people excited about your idea, it’s not going to go anywhere beyond your head.” – 10 Tips to Turn Your Startup Dream Into a Reality, Adam Toren, Entrepreneur

“About 20 percent of all new businesses in 2013 were created by entrepreneurs ages 50 to 59, and 15 percent were 60 and over.” – For Some, Age Is No Obstacle to Entrepreneurship, Kerry Hannon, New York Times

“Never find out in real-time how a group of individuals will vote on things that are important to you.” – Why You Shouldn’t Decide Anything Important At Your Board Meeting, Mark Suster, Tech Crunch

Nima Behkami Joins Our Advisory Board


We are pleased to welcome Nima Behkami, PhD to the Founders Workbench Advisory Board. Nima leads Strategic Alliance at Merck’s Digital Innovation and Outreach (DIO) program. DIO brings together entrepreneurs, academia, corporate partners, and venture capital to build new synergies for tackling healthcare’s most difficult problems from a pharmaceutical and consumer health perspective.

Founders Flash

Cloud Technology

Our favorite articles from the week focus on the challenges of cloud technology. Read more about:

-          Why security professionals should prepare for a cloudy future

-          Whether your business should think about a cloud solution

-          The battle between cloud and compliance technology