Founders Alert: Be Aware of Stockholder Inspection Rights

We want to make sure founders are aware of a Delaware law that stockholders are using with increasing frequency to inspect the books and records of the Delaware corporations in which they hold stock.

Founders Flash: The Artificial Intelligence Boom is Real

The Flash is keenly aware of the recent boom in Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), especially given the numerous companies that have received funding of late for everything from robots and other autonomous machines programmed for decision making based on A.I.

Bitcoins: What Are They and Do They Still Matter?

Launched more than five years ago, entrepreneurs still struggle with the concept of Bitcoin – how it is used and if the payment system is still relevant in today’s marketplace. Cindy McAdam, a partner in Goodwin’s Technology and Life Sciences Group and co-chair of the firm’s Blockchain & Digital Currency Practice, recently authored an article addressing this very topic.

Founders Alert: New Rules Regarding Overtime Pay Exemptions

We want to alert you of an important labor law development that will affect how employers, including startup companies, classify and pay their employees.

Founders Flash: MIT’s Top 50 Smartest Technology Companies

The Flash has many connections within the MIT tech scene, so we pay attention each year when the MIT Tech Review identifies 50 companies that are “smart” in the way they create new opportunities.

Founders Flash: Startup Institute seeks a new leader

The Flash has been a big fan of the innovative “Startup Institute” since it opened in Boston a little more than 4 years ago. The institute’s unique curriculum has allowed professionals young and old to follow their dreams by teaching them skills essential for employment at the world’s most innovative companies.

Founders Flash: Tech Leaders Push for a Universal Basic Income

The Flash is always up to date on the most recent Silicon Valley happenings, and was fascinated to learn this week that the Valley’s most innovative entrepreneurs and investors overwhelmingly endorse instituting a universal basic income (UBI).

Founders Flash: Inc. Magazine Lists Goodwin as a Top Silicon Valley Law Firm

The Flash knows all too well the difficulty of starting a business – and the critical need for a strong legal team advising founders. From fundraising to employment compensation, sound legal advice will benefit every founder. Inc. magazine recently met with a group of tech CEOs/co-founders to find out what kind of legal counsel they receive and what they consider important from a legal perspective. The Flash was proud to see Goodwin listed among the top 5 firms that have a reputation for giving tech founders what they need in terms of legal advice. Goodwin partner Anthony McCusker was singled out for his good work in this area. And…Founders Workbench got a reference, as well!

Founder’s Flash: The World’s Top Economists Want to Work for Amazon and Facebook

The Flash was surprised to learn this week that social media giant Facebook employs 25 Ph.D.’s in economics on their data science team, which according to the National Association for Business Economics’ executive director Tom Beers, is about same number of Ph.D.’s employed at a large U.S. bank. The continued rise in popularity of social media platforms has led to an influx in privately available digitized data, which companies like Facebook, Amazon and Netflix can analyze in order to improve the quality and user experience of their products.

Founders Flash: Code & Converge 2016

The Flash tunes in every year when Recode hosts its annual Code Conference, which brings together many of the tech industry luminaries. Let’s just say the 2016 event did not disappoint. Among the headliners was Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner Mary Meeker, who presented her famous state-of-the-internet slide deck, outlining the latest trends in mobile, commerce, transportation and advertising. Watch Meeker present, as well as read key highlights from the Wall Street Journal’s Converge Conference where investors are optimistic about the future of startups in Southeast Asia.