Founders Flash: The Most Important Product You Design Is Your Company

Even if your company only makes one product, it really makes two. Basecamp co-founder Jason Fried firmly believes you should treat your own company as if it was another product; it’s the product used by your employees.

MIT Launches Tech, Science Incubator – The Engine

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has announced the launch of The Engine, a new accelerator program with a planned $150 million venture fund to support startups innovating in the science and technology spaces, providing them with funding, space and a network of expertise.

Founders Flash: With Indiegogo, Everyone Can Be a Venture Capitalist, Invest in Startups

Startup founders now have a new audience for financing: everyone. Thanks to Indiegogo, an international crowdfunding website usually used for developers of movies, games and gadgets, now allows anyone to hunt for intriguing start-ups as investment opportunities.

Founders Flash: Ready to Fundraise? Read This First

The recent success of venture capital unicorn valuations, startup founders have started to think that the only track to success includes rapid-pace growth and even faster fundraising. But many venture capitalist disagree.

DCU FinTech Innovation Center Accepting Fall 2016 Applications

Digital Federal Credit Union’s FinTech Innovation Center is currently looking for applicants for its Fall 2016 Class.

Founders Flash: Zimbabwe’s Cashless Economy

After Zimbabwe dropped its native currency and adopted American dollars in 2009, the country soon faced an unexpected technological advancement – a cashless economy. This cashless economy has been a surge for the technology space in southern Africa.

Founders Workbench Recognized by W³ Awards

Goodwin’s Founders Workbench was named a Silver Winner for business blogs by the 2016 W³ Awards. The W³ Awards, now in its 11th season, honor creative excellence on the web, and recognize the professionals behind award-winning sites, videos and marketing programs.

Founders Flash: Looking to Expand Your Startup Overseas?

Wherever your startup is located, expanding your operations overseas gives your company millions of new, potential clients. But international expansion comes with challenges – language barriers, cultural differences, global logistics, staffing hurdles, and more.

Living in the Regulatory World – What Happens, What Do I Do?

As FinTech companies move more and more into consumer financial services products, they move deeper and deeper into areas that are traditionally highly regulated. This FinTech Flash will look at what type of regulators and scrutiny FinTech companies can face, what regulatory interactions can be like, and what FinTech companies can do to prepare for regulatory examinations.

Founders Flash: How to Encourage Women to Code

With the rapid increase of organizations that encourage women to become more involved in technology-focused industries (Girls Who Code, Women Who Code, Black Girls Code, etc.), one would think that the gender gap in computer science is improving. But a recent study by Accenture and Girls Who Code, found the opposite.