Founders Alert: Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016

We want to alert you of an important recent legal development concerning trade secrets law.

President Obama recently signed the Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 (“DTSA”) into law. The DTSA creates a new federal legal mechanism for businesses to protect their trade secrets. It also enhances the tools available to companies in the event of a theft or breach of their trade secrets, allowing them to seek court orders to seize property (such as computers or other data storage devices) containing misappropriated trade secrets.

Founders Flash: Google opens Area 120, a new startup incubator

The Flash was keenly interested when Google confirmed it is launching an internal incubator to birth companies. This new incubator will be named Area 120 in reference to the company’s willingness to allot “20 percent” of an employee’s work time to creative side projects.

5 Key Issues Entrepreneurs/Startups Should Consider When Negotiating Confidentiality Agreements

Goodwin Procter Tech and Life Sciences partner Mitch Bloom and associate Laurie Burlingame recently authored an article on the importance of entering into confidentiality agreements for entrepreneurs and startup founders.

VIDEO: Goodwin’s Steve Charkoudian on Safeguarding Intellectual Property

For many companies, especially tech startups, intellectual property (IP) and technology are the cornerstones of the business. We recently sat down with Steve Charkoudian, partner and chair of Goodwin Procter’s Technology Transactions Practice and a member of the firm’s Technology Companies Group, to discuss common IP-related mistakes founders make when launching their company. Steve explains how such mistakes can ultimately impact a potential investment or acquisition down the road.

Founders Flash: Crowdfunding is here – what do the new rules mean for you?

The Flash has been closely following the rise of crowdfunding, and was excited to hear that an important change to crowdfunding is finally here. Starting this week, small business owners can now access a new pool of investors under the Title III crowdfunding rules. Find out what that means for entrepreneurs and other small business owners!

Founders Flash: Has Moore’s Law finally run its course?

The Flash is a big fan of Gordon Moore, the noted co-founder of Intel who in 1965 observed that “the number of components that could be etched onto the surface of a silicon wafer was doubling at regular intervals and would do so for the foreseeable future.” The effects of this observation – Moore’s Law – have been momentous over the past three decades, with chip makers continuously miniaturizing to create computers that are more powerful and more affordable. This changes the world!

Founders Flash: Rethinking genetic testing in the US

The Flash loves when techies take on health problems. Among the numerous biotech startups coming out of Silicon Valley of late, one of the notable newcomers is Color Genomics, a company founded by two software veterans from Google and Twitter.

Founders Flash: Virtual reality is coming – and one startup is in the lead on delivering it

The Flash goes long form this week, focusing on a couple reads that will take some time – but deliver big benefits. To start, we look at the world’s hottest startup – and it’s located somewhere other than Silicon Valley. That’s right, Magic Leap – a startup that is notably close to bringing to market a high-level virtual reality experience, is located in…suburban Florida. Magic Leap has some seriously mind-bending technology, and The Flash is glad to read up on the future of virtual reality.

VIDEO: A Conversation with Cort Johnson on Successfully Launching a Company

Last fall, we proudly announced the addition of Cort Johnson, venture partner at greater Boston-based venture firm Accomplice, to the Founders Workbench advisory board. At Accomplice, Cort’s work focuses primarily on investing in early-stage technologies, from seed to series A funding rounds.

Founders Flash: From Amazon Echo to…the next great juicer?

The Flash knows Malachy Moynihan from his work in developing the Echo voice-controlled speaker while he was with Amazon. Having aced that consumer electronics opportunity, the Flash was interested to see latest endeavor for this Silicon Valley veteran: the Juicero. The Flash notes favorably that this juicer requires no cleanup and has only one button.