New York Looks to Further Regulate FinTech Lenders

Tucked away in the Transportation, Economic Development and Environmental Conservation Bill portion of the New York State 2018 Executive Budget is a proposed amendment to New York’s Licensed Lender Law that would “[a]llow the Department of Financial Services . . . to better regulate the business practices of online lenders.

Founders Flash: Accelerators to Watch in 2017

When a startup succeeds, it’s celebrated for creativity and innovation. But there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes that is never noted, an unsung hero when unicorn startups prosper: accelerators.

Founders Flash: How Failure Makes You a Better Entrepreneur

It’s something we were all told as children – learn from your mistakes. Studies show that entrepreneurs who innovate in the face of failure are the ones who find success.

Goodwin Attends Founders of the Future Launchpad Weekend in London

On January 21, members of Goodwin’s London private equity team participated in the Founders of the Future Launchpad Weekend at Imperial College, London – an event aimed at helping promising entrepreneurs launch their startups. More than 100 potential tech founders attended.

VIDEO: Founders Workbench Advisory Member on Data, Startups and What’s Next

Jean Donnelly, Executive Director of FinTech Sandbox – a Boston-based nonprofit focused on providing startups with data – and a Founders Workbench advisory board member, discusses why startups see a data shortage and what can be done to enhance and accelerate product development.

Top-up Option Grants: What Founders Should Consider

Equity grants are often a source of contention for founders of emerging companies. Slicing up the “pie” in the early stages can give rise to tense conversations between the founding team and among investors.

Founders Flash: Succeeding in the Online, Virtual Economy

A few years ago, only a handful of companies that focused on virtual, online commerce existed; today, it is one of the fastest growing markets. The rise in smartphone use has created an entirely new commerce space – online.

Founders Flash: What To Know Before Creating A Partnership

Many successful businesses are built on a strong, trusting partnership between two entrepreneurs; but a bad partnership can often mean the end of your company.

Final Days to Apply for Startup World Cup

Think your startup has what it takes to compete against other emerging companies that are shaking up the business world for $1 million in investment?

Founders Flash: Using Customers to Sell Your Startup

Everyone knows the importance of an elevator pitch; it allows you to quickly feature your startup’s success when talking to a potential customer or investor. While it’s critical for founders and startup leadership to master the elevator pitch, you may still be missing out on an even better option – your customer’s elevator pitch.