Founders Flash: The Answer Is Project Management

Ever since the term “Lean Startup” entered the business lexicon in 2008, businesses have followed a consistent trajectory: go flat or go home. The lean startup methodology follows the philosophy that if startup companies invest their time in building products/services to meet needs of early customers, they can reduce market risks and sidestep the need for large amounts of initial project funding.

Founders Flash: Creating, Maintaining Startup Culture

While growth is essential to a startup’s success, rapid and uncontrolled growth can often lead to unintended changes or mistakes. When a company begins onboard employees and build new teams, it’s important for the company culture to remain intact.

In the News: Prism Legal Profiles Founders Workbench, Shoobx Partnership

Legal technology blog Prism Legal profiled the expansion of Founders Workbench’s online legal services for emerging companies through a newly-established partnership with Shoobx.

Founders Flash: Innovation Requires Asking the Right Questions

For young entrepreneurs and startup founders, innovation has become a key buzzword. While a few companies – Apple, Google, Uber, etc. – are famous for their innovation, it’s just as possible to create innovation in smaller industries and within smaller companies.

Founders Flash: Lessons From Funding During an Unpredictable Market

If you were seeking venture capital funding in the fourth quarter of 2016, CEO and tech entrepreneur Mark Woodward feels your pain. When his company began Series D funding in September, Woodward couldn’t predict that the market would drop and that funding would drop 30 percent.

Founders Flash: Creating A Great Investor Pitch Deck

Founders and startup leaders have insanely busy schedules, and – despite the best efforts to prevent it – even the most important projects can get lost in the shuffle.

Founders Flash: Avoid These Common – And Costly – Hiring Mistakes

Hiring your first group of employees for your new company can be just as daunting as it is exciting. Trusting others with your company can be a big step for any founder, even without worrying about hiring the wrong person.

VIDEO: Goodwin Partners Share Common Patent Filing Mistakes – and How to Avoid Them

Goodwin partners Duncan Greenhalgh and Theresa Kavanaugh discuss some common mistakes that emerging Life Sciences companies can make when seeking patent protection for their inventions, including disclosing too much information on the innovation before securing a patent, and submitting too little information to the patent office.

Founders Flash: Surviving Your First Year As An Entrepreneur

While startup founders and leaders begin full of optimism and energy, busy calendars and stressful meetings can make even the most hopeful of entrepreneurs tired and stressed.

In the News: Boston Globe Profiles Advisory Board Member Katie Rae, Her New Role

Founders Workbench Advisory Board member, Katie Rae has recently been named President and CEO of the Engine Accelerator, a MIT initiative to provide money, mentorship, and workspace to entrepreneurs developing world changing ideas that might have difficulty attracting backing from investors focused on a quick payback.