Founders Flash: Next Generation of Entrepreneurs Step Outside Silicon Valley

Recently, LinkedIn’s co-founder Reid Hoffman said that Silicon Valley is – and will remain – the epicenter of entrepreneurs and emerging companies. But younger entrepreneurs strongly disagree; many believe that starting a company outside Silicon Valley is key to their companies’ survival.

While there are plenty of reasons for Silicon Valley’s dominance (an abundance of young talent, a culture of accepting transplants and easy access to capital), there’s no absolute truth to the idea that Silicon Valley is the best place on the planet to build and scale a business right now.

Goodwin Represents One-Third of Forbes’ 100 Hottest Cloud Computing Companies

Selecting the “100 hottest companies in cloud computing for 2017” for its second annual Cloud 100 feature, Forbes magazine named 33 Goodwin Technology Companies clients* to its overall list, including 5 of the top 10.

Founders Flash: Simple, But Powerful Steps to Becoming More Entrepreneurial

All companies want to be more entrepreneurial; entrepreneurs are quick on their feet, responsive and hard workers. Startups are at the forefront of hard work and innovation, with their employees constantly working to improve the company, or the product.

In the News: Goodwin’s Bill Growney Shares Equity Compensation Advice

Goodwin technology partner Bill Growney authored a June 29 Daily Journal article featuring advice for startups preparing equity compensation plans.

VIDEO: Goodwin Download Speaker Series: Striking a Work-Life Balance

A panel of women leaders at technology, life science and venture capital companies shared their personal stories of gender discrimination in the workplace, obstacles they have had to overcome and their outlook for the future. 

In the News: Boston Globe Profiles Advisory Board Member David Chang

Founders Workbench Advisory Board member David Chang participated in a Q&A with the Boston Globe about how his journey into computer science and big finance led him to his current roles in startup and emerging technology companies.

Founders Flash: Advice – and Myths – in the Startup World

Long before the dotcom boom of the 90s, entrepreneurs have been sharing advice – and myths – among themselves. Whether it serves as a warning, a boast, or even as an excuse, leaders often quote the saying – startups fail 90% of the time.

Founders Flash: Are You Making These Common Leadership Mistakes?

Summertime in the corporate world means a lot of things, but to leaders and our HR friends it often means one thing – review season. With review meetings and contract reviews right around the corner, it may be time to confirm your leadership style is working.

VIDEO: Goodwin Download Speaker Series: Significant Change for Women Re-entering the Workforce?

A panel of women leaders gathered for the latest Goodwin Download Speaker Series event for an audience of nearly 100 entrepreneurs and others on May 8 at Goodwin’s Boston office.

Founders Flash: Startup Accelerators Show What’s the Next Big Trend

n the recent past, the most successful startup accelerators have given investors and consumers a glimpse into the future (think Uber, Airbnb). A team of data experts at TechCrunch tested this theory by researching startups that raised first-time funding in the past six months from accelerators in North America with a standout record for backing startups that go on to secure much higher valuations.