Founders Flash: U.S. SEC Adopts Final Crowdfunding Rules

The Flash offered loud applause when the U.S. Congress passed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (“JOBS”) Act in 2012, especially the provision tasking the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) with setting the final rules for Title III of the legislation – the provision implementing equity crowdfunding. After receiving wide-ranging – and voluminous – comments on the proposed crowdfunding regulations, the SEC spent the past year reviewing such input and working to complete the final equity crowdfunding rules.

VIDEO: Goodwin’s Dan Burns on Patent Prosecution Trends

In this brief video, Dan Burns, a partner in Goodwin’s Patent Prosecution and Technology Transactions Practices, discusses some of the challenges facing companies in today’s evolving patent environment.

Founders Flash: Bitcoin enjoys a big surge from China, Wall Street interest

The Flash was starting to wonder what became of Bitcoin. But a recent surge based on interest from both Wall Street and China has the digital currency enjoying a new bout of speculative frenzy – including steady gains in the price of a single Bitcoin and a spike last week that represents the biggest rally since the online currency started a swoon in 2014.

VIDEO: Silicon Valley partner Grant Fondo talks digital currency industry, key legal issues

Grant Fondo, a partner in Goodwin’s Securities Litigation & White Collar Defense and Privacy & Data Security practices in Silicon Valley, recently sat down to discuss the shifting legal and regulatory landscape facing the digital currency industry.

Founders Flash: SEC approves final set of rules governing crowdfunding

The Flash has long touted the opportunities presented by crowdfunding, which has exploded in popularity in recent years as startups realize the value of using online platforms for investment syndication. That’s why we took note last week when federal regulators took a big step towards letting average Americans invest in riskier small-business projects. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission approved its final set of rules governing crowdfunding, clearing the way for entrepreneurs and other small business owners to bypass banks and appeal directly to the “crowd” in raising funds for their startup and other business ventures.

Significant Privacy Updates For Tech Companies

On October 7, 2015, the Court of Justice of the European Union invalidated the U.S./E.U. Safe Harbor framework, on which many companies relied as a basis for the lawful transfer of personal information from the E.U. to the United States. The invalidation means that any company that had previously relied on the Safe Harbor to process personal information should evaluate alternatives.  For more information, please see Goodwin Procter’s Client Alert.

Founders Flash: Is Housing the Next ‘On-Demand’ Market?

The increasing consumer expectation to have immediate access to anything and everything continues to fuel the on-demand trend in the startup space. Companies serving the “On-Demand Economy” have experienced explosive growth, and tech startups in particular have looked to provide instant services for everything from transportation to home-cooked meals. This week The Flash checks in with a startup looking to extend on-demand services to a new market: housing. It’s an interesting take on a popular trend.

Founders Workbench Named Finalist for BostInno’s ‘Fifty on Fire’ Award

Founders Workbench is always grateful to receive recognition as an influencer and innovator. That’s why we were so flattered to be selected as a finalists in the Professional Services category for the annual “50 on Fire” awards sponsored by BostInno.

VIDEO: Goodwin’s Rezwan Pavri on What Companies Face Prior to an IPO

In this brief video, Rezwan Pavri, a partner in the Technology & Life Sciences practice in Silicon Valley, explains what companies should consider when faced with a merger, acquisition or IPO.

Understanding the Valuation Aspects of a Term Sheet

At Founders Workbench, we stress the importance of founders understanding the economic terms of a financing round. Valuation is the most fundamental term founders encounter during a financing round and is crucial to understand when evaluating a term sheet.