Founders Flash: Rethinking genetic testing in the US

The Flash loves when techies take on health problems. Among the numerous biotech startups coming out of Silicon Valley of late, one of the notable newcomers is Color Genomics, a company founded by two software veterans from Google and Twitter.

Founders Flash: Virtual reality is coming – and one startup is in the lead on delivering it

The Flash goes long form this week, focusing on a couple reads that will take some time – but deliver big benefits. To start, we look at the world’s hottest startup – and it’s located somewhere other than Silicon Valley. That’s right, Magic Leap – a startup that is notably close to bringing to market a high-level virtual reality experience, is located in…suburban Florida. Magic Leap has some seriously mind-bending technology, and The Flash is glad to read up on the future of virtual reality.

VIDEO: A Conversation with Cort Johnson on Successfully Launching a Company

Last fall, we proudly announced the addition of Cort Johnson, venture partner at greater Boston-based venture firm Accomplice, to the Founders Workbench advisory board. At Accomplice, Cort’s work focuses primarily on investing in early-stage technologies, from seed to series A funding rounds.

Founders Flash: From Amazon Echo to…the next great juicer?

The Flash knows Malachy Moynihan from his work in developing the Echo voice-controlled speaker while he was with Amazon. Having aced that consumer electronics opportunity, the Flash was interested to see latest endeavor for this Silicon Valley veteran: the Juicero. The Flash notes favorably that this juicer requires no cleanup and has only one button.

Founders Flash: Intuit reinvents itself for the cloud computing era

The Flash may not have been around as long as Intuit, but we certainly are familiar with one of Silicon Valley’s best-known companies and its suite of personal finance and tax software. After decades of various moves and twists, the company is now reinventing itself for the cloud computing era. With the company’s sell-off last month of its traditional software business, Intuit is now continuing as an online service – and possibly will see some busy times ahead.

Founders Flash: Logistics entrepreneurs start new accelerator – in Tennessee

The Flash takes note of new accelerators far and wide, and pays close attention when they launch outside of Silicon Valley. So we are watching closely the launch of a Silicon Valley-style accelerator for supply-chain technology startups, led by a group of logistics entrepreneurs that is hoping to attract new investment and talent to the freight business.

Founders Workbench Q&A: Cindy McAdam, Technology & Life Sciences Partner

In September, Goodwin Procter announced that Cindy McAdam had joined the firm as a partner in its Technology & Life Sciences Group. Based in the firm’s Silicon Valley office, Cindy came to Goodwin from Bay Area technology company Xapo, where she served as President and General Counsel. Cindy also has experience working with mobile payments and mobile wallets companies (Bling Nation/Lemon Wallet) and with SaaS data security company Postini, among others.

Founders Flash: Does the Uber model translate across industries?

The Flash tracks all companies looking to leverage the core tenet of the on-demand economy: giving consumers what they want, when they want it. As the uncontested poster company for this revolution, Uber has sparked countless startups looking to provide groceries, parking spaces, takeout, laundry – you name it.

Founders Flash: $mart money remains with early tech investors

The Flash is well familiar with the basics of investing: Scoring really big with a technology start-up means getting in early and taking the big risk. But in the last few years we have seen more attention paid to investments that back companies already on their way to getting big. The Flash checks in with activity by nontraditional tech investors – think mutual funds, sovereign funds, and independently wealthy individuals, and where the smart money is going.

In the News: Boston Globe Profiles FWB Advisory Board Member Jodi Goldstein

Last year, we proudly welcomed Jodi Goldstein to the Founders Workbench Advisory Board . As the Managing Director of the Harvard Innovation Lab – the noted “i-lab” – we knew we would all benefit from her deep passion for entrepreneurship in support of the next generation of innovators.