Founders Workbench 3.0 Launches New Open Source Navigation Tool and e-Learning Series for the Startup Community

We are very excited to announce today the launch of two new innovative features on Founders Workbench!

Founders Flash: It’s ‘Go’ time for Google’s artificial intelligence team

The Flash has long been a fan of the ancient – and highly strategically complex – board game Go. Developed millennia ago in China, Go has long stood as a final bulwark against artificial intelligence – the last redoubt for human domination over machines. This week, Google’s DeepMind A.I. system defeated a human champion in a tense game of Go. This is truly an historical milestone in A.I., and a very big step for Google in the machine war (against, most notably, Facebook) in Silicon Valley.

Founders Flash: As angel investors pull back, will valuations follow?

The Flash loved the ride last year, when valuations for startups seeking funding hit five-year highs and the good times rolled. Since then, angel investors have withdrawn a bit, signaling new-found caution when it comes to young company valuations. With angel investors serving as a key source of financing for early-stage companies, this one bears watching.

Founders Flash: The best entrepreneurial stories of 2015

The time for end-of-year wrap stories is nearly over – but not entirely! The Flash checks in on the top stories from 2015 that feature compelling entrepreneurial accomplishments. These have a particular focus on founders that embody the reasons so many people are drawn to entrepreneurship: passion, purpose, fulfillment – and a huge IPO! Dog grooming, solar panels, food delivery…and Airbnb – it’s all here.

CES 2016 – the best and most innovative gadgets coming your way

The Flash joins the rest of the tech world every January in reveling in the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and geeking out at the newest and coolest devices. For a quick peek at the most innovative—and zaniest—devices coming to consumers in 2016, we offer the following list of what to look for. What does the list include? Try on some of these for size (based on special features in WSJ and Inc.)…2-way conferencing for your Labradoodle, anyone?

Educational Products Visionary Kate Whiting Joins FWB Advisory Board

We are excited to welcome Kate Whiting to the Founders Workbench Advisory Board. Kate is the co-founder and CEO of Educents, the first marketplace that brings together thousands of educational products, created individual content creators, small businesses, edtech companies and publishers, enabling parents and educators around the world to browse, shop and discover innovative products designed to generate enthusiasm among kids about learning.

Goodwin Procter Scrambles™ to Help Harvard's Next Generation of Founders & Innovators

Goodwin Procter’s commitment to helping startup founders reaches far beyond the tools and tips available on Founders Workbench® – it also includes participating in valuable educational events for entrepreneurs like the 2015 Harvard i-lab Scramble™ on October 23-25th.

Founders Flash: 2015 Rewind - Five Notable Startup Themes

The Flash takes stock as 2015 draws to a close. We look back on everything from the JOBS Act to high-profile tech IPOs to diversity and business trends impacting startups. Throughout the year, The Flash sought to flag the most interesting stories and articles that our readers – entrepreneurs, tech-industry players, and the teams that support them – would find most compelling. Come with us as we take a quick tour of five startup-related news moments of 2015 we think you’ll find worthwhile to review this year-end.

Founders Workbench Named Best Legal Mobile Application and Website by Web Marketing Association

Founders Workbench knows that entrepreneurs are constantly on the move. That’s why we made sure mobile was central to the development of our entire web platform. By ensuring a dynamic mobile offering, we can better provide the tools founders need to navigate the various legal and organizational challenges faced when it comes to launching a startup.

Founders Flash: Artificial Intelligence? Startups turn back to the human connection

The Flash feels your pain if holiday travel causes difficulty, and understands the possible longing for human travel agents as in days of yore. That’s why we note with interest an emerging startup trend: online booking companies that are trying to put human agents, whether in travel, home services or shopping, back at the center of decisions. In an A.I. age, might humans actually…add value?