VIDEO: Lynda Galligan Offers Insight on Executive Compensation Issues Facing Startups

In this brief video, Lynda Galligan, a partner in Goodwin’s ERISA & Executive Compensation and Technology Companies practices, shares her experience advising on executive compensation matters.​​

Founders Series: Stock-Based Compensation – Part II

In the first post examining stock-based compensation issues, we explored key elements of restricted stock . We now turn to an examination of the types and uses of stock options.

Founders Flash: A visit to Amazon’s ‘pop-up loft’ in NYC

The Flash this week takes a cyber day-trip, checking out Amazon’s pop-up loft in New York City. Known as a destination for startup founders looking to learn from each other (and, of course, to get familiar with Amazon Web Services cloud technology), we like the short video that provides thoughts about what founders should look for when researching cloud options.

Goodwin Procter’s Founders Workbench Recognized for Creative Excellence on the Web by W³ Awards

As a first-of-its-kind open source legal advisory and business resource, Founders Workbench is constantly looking to remain on the cutting edge of content and information delivery. Indeed, the entrepreneurs we look to assist expect an interactive experience that reflects the very latest in web design and creativity when they access our legal and organizational tools.


Founders Series: Stock-Based Compensation – Part I

Our most recent round of “Founders Series” posts focused on anti-SPAM legislation .

Adding to this discussion about important matters for startup founders to think about, we now turn our attention to issues relating to Hiring and Compensation – including posts focusing on and explaining stock-based compensation; equity incentives; 83(b) memoranda; and specifics regarding employees and consultants.

Founders Flash: Apple, Apple, Apple…and some legal help for startups

The Flash took note as Apple grabbed an array of headlines this week, spanning several of the electronics giant’s expanding portfolios. Perhaps most notable was the report that Apple wants in on the electric car market and is ramping up hiring on Project Titan – the internal project tasked with shipping Apple’s first model by 2019. Not a bad week’s work– but the Cupertino-based dynamo didn’t stop there, embracing technology that blocks ads on Apple’s mobile devices and potentially spawning a cottage industry of companies developing ad-blocking software. And that’s before we even delve into what Apple’s new iPhones and iOS can do…

Join Us: Boston Security Analysts Society Crowdfunding Session on Sept. 30

Founders Workbench actively tracks the growth of crowdfunding as a tool for startups to raise capital. Created by the 2012 JOBS Act, crowdfunding allows private companies to sell equity in small amounts to non-accredited investors. This impacts startups and small businesses that want to raise modest amounts of capital while allowing more investors the chance to participate in this area of the capital markets. This is a big deal for founders!

Goodwin Procter hosts founders “boot camp” session to share startup best practices

Entrepreneurs of all stripes gathered at Goodwin Procter’s New York office on September 19th and 20th for a founders “boot camp” session, which offered best practices for managing startups. Organized through the Roadmap to Entrepreneurship Course , the weekend-long session was taught by startup veteran Andrew Weinreich.

VIDEO: Goodwin Partner Jim Riley Discusses IP Issues Facing Emerging Growth Companies

In this brief video, Jim Riley, a partner in Goodwin’s Technology Companies and IP Group in Silicon Valley, discusses legal issues that confront entrepreneurs and startups.

Founders Series: Anti-SPAM Rules – Part II

In the first post on this topic , we offered several recommendations for companies to keep in mind should they wish to send commercial messages. Continuing our look at the Anti-SPAM Act, we now look at instances where these recommendations are not applicable.