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Founders Flash

This week’s articles highlight Los Angeles as a successful place for start-ups, share the great ideas founders used to start their businesses, discuss how founders define entrepreneurs, and provide strategies on how to avoid failure when starting a business.

6 Reasons Los Angeles Is Suddenly Booming With Startups – David Hochman, Forbes

A list of reasons why Los Angeles is quickly become a popular region for startups.

I Knew I Had a Great Idea When… – John Brandon, Inc.

Seven entrepreneurs share their stories of when they knew they had a great idea for their startups.

21 Great Minds on What it Means to Be an Entrepreneur – Jess Draper, Mashable

Successful founders share with Mashable how they define entrepreneurs.

How to Avoid Being a Startup Failure – Ilya Pozin, Forbes

Strategies on what one startup used to ensure a successful startup.

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VIDEO: Capital On Stage Highlight Reel

On Friday, November 9, Goodwin Procter’s New York office hosted 170 tech start-up founders at the first Capital On Stage conference held in the United States.

To see highlights from the event, including pitches by some of the 30 VCs, watch this compilation video.

Also check out event photos.

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Founders Flash

This week’s articles discuss the impact of the entrepreneurial spirit for the self-employed, the other side of Silicon Valley, how small businesses can get an ROI from social media, and what entrepreneurs look for in an executive team member.

When is it Time to Stop Calling Yourself a Freelancer and Become an Entrepreneur? – Amber Leigh Turner, The Next Web

The labels of freelancer, self-employed, entrepreneur are often used interchangeably, but oftentimes, freelancers are more hesitant to call themselves entrepreneurs and miss out on more opportunities.

Going Public In The Other Silicon Valley, Sans Dogs, Pool Tables And Cucumber Water – Connie Guglielmo, Forbes

A look into the IPO of a start-up founded in the less popular side of tech in the Silicon Valley.

How to Get Your Money’s Worth From Social Media Campaigns – Jason Falls, Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur discusses the best ways to get the ROI from social media.

Would You Hire An Entrepreneur For Your Executive Team? – Scott Gerber, ReadWrite

Eight successful entrepreneurs discuss what they look for in an executive team member.

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Founders Flash

This week’s articles discuss the role of entrepreneurs in making a social impact in society, profile the next hot spot for start-ups, highlight how 10 entrepreneurs spend their lunch hour, and include tips from CEO Tony Hsieh.

The Rise of the Social Entrepreneur – David Bornstein, The New York Times

Many entrepreneurs recognize their role in advancing positive social changes with many businesspeople spreading new approaches through nonprofits, businesses or within the government, and addressing problems more successfully than in the past.

Where’s the Next Hot Startup Spot? – Sean Griffin, CNBC

While Tulsa, Oklahoma is one of the most unexpected communities for entrepreneurs, the entrepreneurial ecosystem there has recently grown for small businesses, much like other larger cities.

How Entrepreneurs at 10 Cool Startups Spend Their Lunch Hour – Kara Ohngren, Entrepreneur

Ten young entrepreneurs share what they do during their lunch breaks to help re-energize for the rest of the work day.

Grow Your Company as Big as 7 Tips From Tony Hsieh – Allison Fass, Inc.

Zappos CEO and serial entrepreneur Tony Hsieh shares tips on how to grow a company as big as his.

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VIDEO: Goodwin’s Dave Cappillo Discusses "8 Mistakes Founders Make" at Harvard …

Goodwin Procter tech partner Dave Cappillo recently led a discussion at Harvard Innovation Lab focused on how to avoid eight missteps that entrepreneurs commonly make in the early stages of a company’s life cycle. In the presentation, Dave explains why and how avoiding these eight “great” mistakes can save an entrepreneur time, money and angst when raising money or seeking liquidity.

The key takeaways:

  1. Keep the formation process and the company structure process as simple as possible
  2. Get the allocation of founder equity right at the outset
  3. Protect the start-up’s intellectual property

To hear Dave’s advice on these three key issues, please click here and view minutes 0:17 to 2:04.

Stay tuned for more highlights from Dave’s presentation.

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Founders Flash

This week’s articles discuss what a small group of entrepreneurs is doing to help with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts through digital media, share the results of a survey on social media for small businesses, provide a list of tips on how to start your business from home, and give reasons to invest in consumer and retail businesses.

In The Eye Of The Storm, Entrepreneurs Band Together – Young Entrepreneur Council, Forbes

A group of young entrepreneurs created the group SandyBaggers, a grassroots Facebook movement that incites immediate and effective local disaster relief by leveraging the power of digital media.

Small-Business Owners Spending More Time, Money on Social Media – Kathleen Davis, Entrepreneur

According to a recent survey, more small-business owners have been focusing their marketing efforts on social media, with a 66 percent increase compared to last year.

6 Steps to Starting a Business From Your Home – Nellie Akalp, Mashable

Six ways to start your own business from home, helping keep costs down as you’re starting out.

5 Reasons to Invest in Consumer and Retail Businesses – Ryan Caldbeck, Forbes

A list of five reasons investors should finance in consumer and retail businesses.

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REMINDER: Join VCs and Investors in New York for Capital On Stage This Friday

Capital On Stage has released the full agenda for its first ever U.S. conference on Friday, November 9 at Goodwin Procter in New York. The unconventional funding conference promises a full day of investor presentations and office hours for tech start-up founders.

Capital On Stage now has 20 confirmed VCs on the schedule, including these new additions:

  • Jahan Ali – The New York City Investment Fund
  • Steve Berg – RTP Ventures
  • Patrick Eggen – Qualcomm Ventures
  • Andy Hunt – Highland Capital Partners
  • Charlie Kemper – Revel Partners
  • Lucas Nelson – DFJ Gotham
  • Evan Nisselson – LDV Labs
  • Ellie Wheeler – Greycroft Partners
  • Thomas Wisniewski – New York Angels

The pre-conference meet-up “Cocktails for a Cause” on Thursday, November 8 will feature a drive for Hurricane Sandy relief supplies and non-perishable foods.

For more updates, follow CapitalOnStage and FoundersToolbox on Twitter!

We look forward to seeing everyone later this week!

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Founders Flash

This week’s articles discuss why success doesn’t always fulfill entrepreneurs, include a list of common pitfalls that growing businesses encounter, explore the power that entrepreneurs have to combat poverty, and profile an entrepreneurial doctor’s success in taking the sting out of shots.

Entrepreneur Success is Not Enough for Fulfillment – Martin Zwilling, Business Insider

A veteran founder discusses why success doesn’t always mean fulfillment for many entrepreneurs.

4 Dysfunctions That Will Eat Away at a Growing Business – Karl Stark and Bill Stewart, Inc.

A list of four common pitfalls that many businesses encounter as they grow.

Entrepreneurs: The Best Hope for the World’s Poorest People – Rhett Morris, The Huffington Post

Many entrepreneurs have shown to be a powerful force in combating poverty by creating jobs, influencing others to encourage innovation, and develop emerging markets.

Entrepreneurial Doctor Takes the Sting Out of Shots – Gwen Moran, Entrepreneur

An entrepreneurial doctor steps out of her comfort zone to develop a product to help ease the discomfort and nerves of taking shots.             

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VIDEO: Inside Entrepreneurship with Jeff Bussgang of Flybridge Capital Partners & …

In the latest video from BostInno’s New England Venture Capital Association series, Jeff Bussgang of Flybridge Capital Partners and Eliot Buchanan of Plastiq discuss the world of entrepreneurship in Boston.

The video highlights the VC/CEO pair’s thoughts on entrepreneurship trends in Boston, how universities are prepping students for building a business, and why entrepreneurs are choosing Boston.

To view the video, please click here.

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Founders Flash

This week’s articles discuss a baby boomer’s story as an entrepreneur, advice on how to determine the right office setting for your business, ways to lead your business like a baseball manager, and finding work-life balance as an entrepreneur.

The Baby Boomer Entrepreneur – Bertha Coombs, CNBC

Entrepreneur Lynn Gray talks about how she started her own business at the age of 59, launching her own recruiting service company after the company she worked for collapsed in 2008.

Entrepreneurship Advice: How to Decide Between Coworking Spaces, Accelerators and Incubators – J.D. Harrison, The Washington Post

Young entrepreneurs offer their insight on determining what workspace is right for their business.

3 Ways to Lead Your Business Like a Baseball Manager – Trevor Turnbull, Entrepreneur

Baseball managers make decisions in key moments that affect how games are won and mirror the same responsibilities of great business leaders.

Do Entrepreneurs Need Work-Life Balance? – Hanny Lerner, Forbes

An entrepreneur shares her secrets to finding a proper work-life balance.

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