6 Things Entrepreneurs Should Do Before Selling Their Company

This week in VentureBeat, Goodwin Procter’s Caine Moss outlines six things entrepreneurs should do before signing the term sheet.

According to Caine, the following six things will help to streamline the deal process and maximize the return for their investors and team:

  1. Consider the underlying motivations of the buyer
  2. Survey the market to get a sense of what your company is really worth
  3. Determine if a management bonus plan is needed in order to align incentives between investors and the executive team
  4. If employees are coming over to the buyer, then evaluate the terms of the employee packages as well as cultural fit
  5. Clean up HR and IP issues to expedite the diligence process
  6. Get an experienced lawyer to make sure you are well represented

To get his advice, read the full article on VentureBeat.  

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