Bitcoins: What Are They and Do They Still Matter?

Launched more than five years ago, entrepreneurs still struggle with the concept of Bitcoin – how it is used and if the payment system is still relevant in today’s marketplace. Cindy McAdam, a partner in Goodwin’s Technology and Life Sciences Group and co-chair of the firm’s Blockchain & Digital Currency Practice, recently authored an article addressing this very topic. Published in Banking Exchange, Cindy tackles key questions related to bitcoins, including:

  1. What are bitcoins?
  2. Are bitcoins money?
  3. How do you use bitcoins?
  4. Why do bitcoins matter?
  5. What will bitcoins look like in the future?

For answers to these questions and additional insights on why bitcoins should matter to you, please read the full article here.

For additional resources and insight on the digital currency industry, including regulatory developments and applications of blockchain technology, please read Goodwin’s Digital Currency Perspectives blog.

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