Founders Flash: What You Need To Know About Entrepreneurship In The Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is expanding rapidly worldwide, and is being pioneered by forward-thinking groups of entrepreneurs and activists. In North America alone, the industry is expected to grow from $9.2 billion in sales in 2017 to over $47 billion within ten years.

Founders Flash: Goodwin Launches PropTech Practice

The rise of PropTech along with advances in technology is creating a new wave of real estate startups that are disrupting the industry. Goodwin has recently launched a PropTech practice, which brings together the firm’s expertise in real estate and technology to address clients’ needs in this growing hybrid sector.

Top Five Books For Entrepreneurs

As a new entrepreneur, it’s important to learn from others’ mistakes and successes when building the fundamentals of your own business. For your startup to make it in a world of nonstop change, you must constantly update your knowledge base by reading.

Founders Flash: Key Entrepreneurship Terms To Help Your Startup Survive

New companies face an uphill climb that only gets steeper. As a first-time founder, it can be easy to misstep so it’s important to know the basic legal terms to help your startup survive and reach its goals.

The Importance Of Achieving Inclusive Leadership Inside Your Startup

For an entrepreneur, building a diverse company is crucial. Increasing diversity in leadership positions throughout your organization and networks is the best way to foster creativity, innovation and yield better results by valuing all perspectives.

Founders Flash: Blockchain Bolsters Fundraising Options For Startups

We all know blockchain technology has the power to bring change to long-standing institutions and the startup world. Due to the ICO craze, many entrepreneurs have already jumped into this space quickly with the “sky’s the limit” mentality.

Founders Flash: Key Terms Every Entrepreneur Must Know Before Meeting With Investors

Between venture capitalists, angel investors and equity crowdfunding, more and more channels of funding are becoming available for your startup. To enter into these meetings with confidence, entrepreneurs must be prepared and armed with basic startup terminology.

Founders Flash: Understanding Startup Exit Paths

As a startup founder, it’s important to understand that “startup exits” can often happen early. Being prepared for this scenario with a strategic exit strategy is vital so you don’t leave money on the table.

Goodwin co-hosted a full day workshop entitled “Startup Exit Masterclass” with SOSV/ HAX. The workshop brought the New York startup community together and featured advice from startup CEOS, corporate buyers, bankers, investors, and Goodwin technology partners Ian Engstrand and Salil Gandhi.

Founders Flash: The GDPR and Startups

There has been lots of buzz about the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which entered into full forced on May 25, 2018. As an entrepreneur, you’ve seen GDPR significantly reshape the global data protection landscape for businesses that process EU personal data, adding new data breach reporting obligations and imposing extensive record keeping and vendor management rules.

Founders Flash: Key Terms Every Entrepreneur Can’t Afford To Ignore

As an new entrepreneur, learning business and industry terms is vital to improving your startup intellect. Every founder should have a basic understanding of startup terminology in order to fully comprehend how to launch and fund a successful business.