Founders Flash: Four Inspiring Startups To Learn From

Entrepreneurship requires bold action, passion and taking courageous leaps to do what you love full-time. The best entrepreneurs are dreamers who can match their vision with reality.

Founders Flash: How To Enjoy The Holidays As A Entrepreneur

Business does not stop for the holidays. As an entrepreneur, you wear many from hats and are constantly working to grow your business.

Founders Flash: The Importance Of Diversity, And Why It Breeds Innovation

Diversity is critical for any organization to innovate and adapt in a fast-changing environment, and successful entrepreneurs and leaders are becoming more proactive when it comes to attracting diverse talent and creating an inclusive workplace. An inclusive workplace results from the actions taken on a daily basis.

Founders Flash: How Can Entrepreneurs Leverage Blockchain

Staying current in the blockchain and digital currency revolution can be as complicated as it is competitive, especially if you are a startup. In the past year alone, investment in these companies, estimated to be billions of dollars, has increased more than 340 percent.

Founders Flash: Leading at Every Level

Recently, Goodwin’s Chairman David Hashmall, Managing Partner Rob Insolia and Chief Operating Officer Michael Caplan discussed how a firm’s culture can empower leadership at every level. Whether you are in a management position or mentoring someone for the first time, understanding your organization and being a steward of your firm’s culture is key to a successful future.

Founders Flash: Learn The Five Characteristics All Rebels Share

Instead of clinging to what is safe and familiar, and falling back on routines and tradition, rebels defy the status quo. They are masters of innovation and reinvention, and they have a lot to teach us. Last month, Women@Goodwin hosted Dr. Francesca Gino from Harvard Business School to share insights from her new book Rebel Talent.

Founders Flash: Key Vesting Terms Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Taking the leap into the world of entrepreneurship? The first step is to familiarize yourself with common startup terminology and industry lingo so you can enter your business meetings with confidence.

Founders Flash: Benefits of Operating Through a Bank Charter and Charter Choice Considerations

2018 has shaped to be up to be a busy year for de novo bank charters, with signs suggesting that we will continue to see strong interest in bank formation.

Founders Flash: Three Strategies for Entrepreneurs to Win VC Investments

Launched by a group of MIT engineering students, Spyce was created to be the world’s first fully automated restaurant, serving meals with fresh ingredients in under five minutes. To turn their food technology invention into a real money maker, they needed investors to finance their dream. But how did they attract these investors? How did they secure funding? And ultimately how did Spyce receive a $2.57 million investment from venture capital firms?

Founders Flash: What You Need To Know About Brexit

Although there is still significant uncertainty regarding any possible withdrawal agreement from the European Union in relation to financial services, the publication of the government’s draft financial services withdrawal Regulations is a sensible time to revisit where we are.