Founders Flash: Here’s How The Convergence Of Technology And Private Equity Will Affect Your Business

The convergence of technology and private equity is gaining traction. As an entrepreneur it’s important to understand how this trend could affect your business.

Founders Flash: 6 Pieces Of Advice Successful Entrepreneurs Would Give To Their Younger Selves

Young or old, it’s never too late to follow your entrepreneurship dream, and never has that been truer than the present time. It is important to learn from the success and failures of game-changer entrepreneurs who have not only built and sold companies, but have disrupted their industries and positively changed the world.  What advice would you give yourself if you could back in time and fix your mistakes?

Founders Flash: Four Lessons From Founders Who Thrive

With the explosive rise of entrepreneurs, owning a booming startup nowadays is no easy feat. We know there is no magic formula for becoming a successful entrepreneur, but there are a plethora of successful traits startups share. In order to grow as a business owner, it is important to note what successful entrepreneurs are doing right, and what they are doing wrong.

Founders Flash: Four Entrepreneurs Who Famously Shifted Careers Later In Life

We are here to remind you that it’s never too late to become an entrepreneur, and entrepreneurship is not just a millennial game. In fact, Americans who are 35 or older are 50% more likely to start a business than their younger counterparts,” according to a study by the Kauffman Foundation. Mid-career entrepreneurs are said to be more successful than younger founders which is why starting a business mid-career could be to your advantage.

Founders Flash: Millennials Set Global Entrepreneurship Trends

Trailblazing millennials are redefining “work” by forgoing traditional career opportunities for the freedom to work for themselves and become entrepreneurs. More and more millennials are turning their side gigs into multiple streams of revenue while over half of Gen Z are setting their minds on inventing something that will change the world.

Founders Flash: 10 Lessons On M&A From Cisco’s John Chambers

Mergers and acquisitions in the tech space have helped fuel growth in recent years, and we know concrete lessons about not only weathering the M&A process, but also about building strong companies is crucial knowledge for entrepreneurs everywhere.

Decacorn Is The New Unicorn: Five Decacorns That Could Go Public In 2019

It’s 2019, and Decacorn status is what entrepreneur dreams are made of. Initial public offerings have made instant billionaires of entrepreneurs, and this year is shaping up to be a grand year for decacorns going public, even with the current instability in the market.  

Founders Flash: Four New Year Business Resolutions All Entrepreneurs Should Make In 2019

2019 is almost here! This is the year to listen to your inner voice, take the startup leap and follow your entrepreneurship dreams. For those of you who have successfully made the jump from employee to entrepreneur, the new year offers the opportunity to reflect on 2018 and strategize on the coming year.

Founders Flash: Traits Of A Future Entrepreneur

There is no magical entrepreneurial gene to help you succeed in turning your passion into a profit. But given the proper support and reinforcement, every dream chaser can display traits of a future entrepreneur.

Founders Flash: Four Inspiring Startups To Learn From

Entrepreneurship requires bold action, passion and taking courageous leaps to do what you love full-time. The best entrepreneurs are dreamers who can match their vision with reality.