Founders Flash: Here’s Why Concrete Goals Are Essential To Entrepreneurial Success

Bringing your entrepreneurial dreams to life is a dedicated and precise step-by-step process. When setting your career goals, you must take a methodical approach and be as detailed as possible with your objectives. Specificity gives you focus, empowering you with the self-belief needed to bring your visions to fruition.

Founders Flash: What To Look For In A Great Startup Mentor

The startup life can be very challenging, and as an entrepreneur you will be faced with many taxing decisions. A great mentor can lend invaluable professional and personal insights that can be helping in elevating your business or successfully executing your vision.

Founders Flash: Seven Leadership Skills Entrepreneurs Should Learn

Being an entrepreneur also means being good leader. As your business expands so should your leadership qualities. The ability to inspire and empower colleagues while growing your business takes a set of skills that must be mastered.

VIDEO: COO Of Piaggio Fast Forward Sasha Hoffman Discusses The Importance Of Retaining Top Talent

Sasha Hoffman, COO of Piaggio Fast Forward – a Boston-based company committed to building light mobility platforms – and a member of the Founders Workbench Advisory Board, discusses the importance of retaining talent and building a motivational culture around employees.

Founders Flash: How To Attain Entrepreneurship Success

We are all familiar with the definition of success: the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. But every entrepreneur defines success differently, and in today’s world finding it can be a challenge. Today, achieving success takes more determination and initiative than it ever did before.

Founders Flash: Top Mistakes New Founders Make

As a new entrepreneur, you will make mistakes. It’s inevitable. We encourage you to learn from common pitfalls, and steer your business toward success by avoiding missteps that could potentially cost you.

Founders Flash: Social Media For Entrepreneurs

Becoming a social savvy entrepreneur is the golden ticket to increasing your brand visibility, awareness and retention. With more than 208 billion active users worldwide, social media has become a crucial element to the survival of startups and small businesses worldwide.

VIDEO: David Chang, CEO & Co-Founder Of Personal VC, Discusses Overcoming Obstacles For First-Time Founders

David Chang, CEO and Co-Founder Of Personal VC – a Boston-based company focused on connecting investors with startups – and a member of the Founders Workbench Advisory Board, sheds light on common founder mistakes and lends insights on how to overcome them.


Founders Flash: What Characteristics Define a Great Leader or Entrepreneur?

In this issue of the Flash, we put emphasis on emotional intelligence by shedding light on these top eight critical leadership characteristics for entrepreneurs: clarity, drive, courage, authenticity, empathy, empowerment, integrity and humility.

Founders Flash: Five Crucial Leadership Principles For Female Entrepreneurs

Female entrepreneurs are on the rise with startups that are some of the most diverse and thriving businesses in the market. More and more, women founders are investing time honing in their leadership skills, and the world is taking notice.