Founders Flash: Key Terms Every Entrepreneur Can’t Afford To Ignore

As an new entrepreneur, learning business and industry terms is vital to improving your startup intellect. Every founder should have a basic understanding of startup terminology in order to fully comprehend how to launch and fund a successful business.

Startup Exit Masterclass: The Lawyer’s View Featuring Goodwin’s Ian Engstrand and Salil Gandhi

This month, Goodwin co-hosted a full day workshop titled “Startup Exit Masterclass: The Lawyer’s View Panel”. In tandem with The Accelerator VC and HAX, this workshop was dedicated to bringing the New York startup community together and featured notable guest speakers in the industry to discuss exit strategies.

Founders Flash: Summer Work-Life Balance Tips For Entrepreneurs

Living the entrepreneur lifestyle requires dedication and perseverance. It can be challenging to take time off when your schedule is hectic but work-life balance is critical, especially during the summer. Taking time for yourself (away from your business) can boost creativity and improve your mood, benefitting you both personally and professionally.

Founders Flash: Entrepreneurship Success At Any Age

There is no age limit to success. Yes, there are perks to starting a company when you are young, but no matter how old you are there is always an opportunity to accomplish your goals and leave your mark on the world.

Founders Flash: How To Think Globally As An Entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur can be an enticing lifestyle that gives you control over your schedule and allows you the freedom to be a dream chaser. This issue of the Flash is dedicated to those who plan to spend their days globetrotting, and seek to take their startup continent-hopping from Europe’s thriving startup scene to the U.S.

Founders Flash: Risk-Taking Startup Lessons Taught By Our Parents

It’s easy to dream about  becoming your own boss, but taking the risk to do so requires going through the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, and understanding the valuable lessons from those who came before us.

In this issue of the Flash, and with Father’s Day around the corner, we couldn’t think of a better time to outline four key risk-taking startup lessons learned from our parents.

Founders Flash: Why Are You Becoming An Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship affords you the opportunity to spend your days building your dreams, but it can be easy to overlook the sacrifices it takes to get there. We understand trying to survive in the startup world can be both deeply rewarding and come with its challenges.

In this issue of the Flash, we highlight Success (And Survival) Tips For Aspiring Entrepreneurs in hopes of giving you the motivation and push you need to persevere.

Founders Flash: The Art To A Great Pitch

There is an art when it comes to pitching, and it’s important to remain both passionate and diligent when speaking to potential investors.

VIDEO: New York Angels Chairman Brian Cohen Discusses Smart Financing For Entrepreneurs

Goodwin partner Stephen Davis sits down with New York Angels chairman Brian Cohen to discuss smart investing, and raising money for your company that is both good for the entrepreneur and purposeful for the investor.

Founders Flash: Wisdom From Top Start-up Disrupters

From rule-breakers to rule-makers Airbnb, Uber and other start-up companies lend inspiration on how to transition a fast-moving start-up that breaks the rules into a sustainable business that plays by the rules.