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Founders Flash: Blockchain Bolsters Fundraising Options For Startups

We all know blockchain technology has the power to bring change to long-standing institutions and the startup world. Due to the ICO craze, many entrepreneurs have already jumped into this space quickly with the “sky’s the limit” mentality.

Founders Flash: An Introduction To Benefit Corporations

Benefit corporations are relatively recent additions to the list of organizational forms available to founders. Their appearance can be traced to the growing popularity of the sustainable business movement, socially responsible investing, and the appeal for more corporate accountability.

Founders Flash: How To Master Your Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is essential to growing your business. Mastering this pitch will allow you to motivate others with your vision and help you communicate your business ideas to investors.

Founders Flash: What To Do After A Business Failure

Failure is a part of success and many lessons can be extracted from our failures.The failure rate of startups is high and a likely occurrence for first-time entrepreneurs, but we must reevaluate what it means to fail. Learn more about how to overcome the fear of failure in this issue of Founders Flash.

Video: Goodwin Partner Mitzi Chang Discusses Rules & Regulations with Startups on Cryptocurrency ICOs

Goodwin partner Mitzi Chang discusses how Goodwin works with startups to ensure lawful cryptocurrency transactions and why startups exploring ICOs should be aware of Anti-Money Laundering and know their customer compliance.

Founders Flash: The Sustainable Entrepreneur Movement

The second annual Young Sustainable Impact conference hosted 25 innovators – all under 25 years’ old and from around the world – to develop solutions for global issues.

Founders Flash: Student Entrepreneurs Share Advice

Student entrepreneurs do not have it easy; launching your first venture while balancing a full-time college course load is like working a dozen full-time jobs.

Founders Flash: Is Procrastination Always Bad?

For as long as CPA Joe Sterf could remember, he’d felt guilty about procrastinating one thing or another. But he recently learned something important – not only is procrastination normal, knowing how and when to procrastinate can actually make you more productive. In a recent Fast Company article, Joe shared what he learned by embracing procrastination.

Is Your Data Safe? Learn Best Practices After A Security Incident

When it comes to privacy and cybersecurity, gone are the days when your biggest concerns involved having your credit card number stolen. Hackers are now steps ahead, targeting companies’ proprietary information and intellectual property and causing serious implications.

Founders Flash: The New Wave of Networking

At almost every point of your career, networking is a crucial step to growing your entrepreneurial connections. Yet, networking events are almost universally dreaded.