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Founders Flash: Baby Boomers Finding a Home in Emerging Tech

As the baby boomers hit – and pass – the (formerly) standard retirement age, the global workforce will need to continue absorbing the dramatic rise in employees over 65 for the next 10 to 20 years. A company in South Korea has found the solution to that problem; EverYoung, a technology services firm, only employs those over 55 years’ old.

Founders Flash: How to Leave the “Grow or Die” Culture Behind

Last year, cofounder and CEO of Optimove, a platform for analytics-driven customer marketing, Pini Yakuel moved from Tel Aviv to New York City to open his startup’s first U.S. office.

Founders Flash: The Secret to Employee Retention? The ‘Stay’ Interview

The ‘exit interview’ is an ingrained piece of every human resource department – even with companies or startups who are too small to even have a dedicated HR employee. But companies who are in desperate need of employee retention help have discovered the secret – swap the ‘exit interview: for the ‘stay interview’.

Founders Flash: The Answer Is Project Management

Ever since the term “Lean Startup” entered the business lexicon in 2008, businesses have followed a consistent trajectory: go flat or go home. The lean startup methodology follows the philosophy that if startup companies invest their time in building products/services to meet needs of early customers, they can reduce market risks and sidestep the need for large amounts of initial project funding.

Founders Flash: Creating, Maintaining Startup Culture

While growth is essential to a startup’s success, rapid and uncontrolled growth can often lead to unintended changes or mistakes. When a company begins onboard employees and build new teams, it’s important for the company culture to remain intact.

Founders Flash: Avoid These Common – And Costly – Hiring Mistakes

Hiring your first group of employees for your new company can be just as daunting as it is exciting. Trusting others with your company can be a big step for any founder, even without worrying about hiring the wrong person.

Founders Flash: How Entrepreneurs Tackle Parental Leave

When it comes to human resources practices and workplace policies, startups can notoriously lag behind. Whether it’s due to staff size or company culture, founders and startup leaders can struggle with creating HR policies.

Founders Flash: How to Encourage Women to Code

With the rapid increase of organizations that encourage women to become more involved in technology-focused industries (Girls Who Code, Women Who Code, Black Girls Code, etc.), one would think that the gender gap in computer science is improving. But a recent study by Accenture and Girls Who Code, found the opposite.

Founders Flash: Where Are the Startup Jobs?

A recent study shows that new companies – startups – are currently at nearly a 40-year low.

Founders Flash: Silicon Valley turns investment attention to Vietnam

The Flash likes to keep an eye out for emerging investment opportunities, and took note when recent investment interest focused on Southeast Asia’s tech scene. The most notable sign of this interest was the investment fund started recently by Silicon Valley’s 500 Startups, the Mountain View-based seed investor and startup incubator, which plans to invest in technology startups in Vietnam. According to 500 Startups leadership, the group aims to invest $10 million in some 100 to 150 startups in the fast-growing country. The macros must be improving…