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Founders Flash: Dealing With Negatives in a Pitch

No matter how strong the startup, every business goes through tough times it would prefer to forget. So when it’s time to sell the business – or pitch it to investors – you should be upfront about any potential skeletons in the company’s past.

Founders Flash: Avoid These Common Acquisition Offer Mistakes

Whether you’ve just starting fundraising or you’re few steps away from your goal, an acquisition offer is always flattering. It’s also a tightrope-walk of unpredictability, and so, understandably, meetings with potential buyers often leave founders nervous.

Founders Flash: U.S. Companies Outpace European Acquirers

Over the past five years, U.S. companies have purchased almost four times as many startups as European acquirers.

Founders Flash: Snap‘cash’?! Snapchat Co-founder Announces IPO Plan and more

We at The Flash are no longer teenagers, and thus may largely be (according to Slate’s Will Oremus) befuddled by Snapchat. But we do understand the intricacies of taking a company public – and that’s just what co-founder Evan Spiegel said (at Code Conference 2015) he is planning for Snapchat. With nearly 100 million daily users and a valuation of $15 billion, this young company is certainly one to watch. Code Conference was also where BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti said that he was likewise planning an IPO.

And…consolidation is afoot in the tech publishing world, with Re/code being acquired by Vox – reflecting the perils of failing to either go big or go niche.

Finally, The Flash also checked in with headlines from the Google I/O conference – the annual software developer-focused event held in San Fran this past week. The biggest bombshell? Well, let’s just say that Now on Tap (a new feature of its Android OS) promises to change everything about the way you use your phone.

All in this week’s version of The Flash!

Founders Flash

Our favorite articles from the week discuss how to navigate the tech industry as a banking startup, explain what to do when you receive an unexpected offer for your early-stage startup, offer tips on when to hire, and suggest four ways to improve your brand.

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Founders Flash


Our favorite articles from the week discuss the strength of a transparent start-up, analyze the value of an exit strategy even if you don’t intend to sell,  introduce Amazon’s new one-hour delivery service, and list the nine highest valued start-ups.


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Founders Flash

“Instead of Kool-Aid, try a bite of dog food. Become an actual customer of your company.” – Eat Your Own Dog Food, Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid, Erik Sherman, Inc.

“Leadership, not management, is the key to success.” – Failure is good, but here are 10 mistakes your startup should never make, Tom Hogan and Carol Broadbent, VentureBeat

“The common misconception is that you can plan your company to the Nth degree, but the true fact is that all good entrepreneurs always have a number of exit strategies and opportunities in front of them at any given time.” – Exit Strategy 101: When Is The Right Time To Sell Your Startup?, Tom Taulli, Forbes

Founders Flash

Some highlights from this week’s articles:

“The company might have a great product. But buying is an emotional business, not a rational one.”  – 5 Tips to Rehab Your Pitch, Renee Warre, Entrepreneur

“When the opportunity to get acquired comes up, hire the right help.” – 5 Ways To Get Your Company Acquired, From An Entrepreneur Who Did It By 25, Gwen Elliot, The Elite Daily

“Teaching what you know how to do is a powerful way to go beyond trust to closing more deals.” – Why Teaching Is Such a Sexy Way to Sell, John Jantsch, Inc.

Founders Flash

User Acquisition

Our favorite articles from the week discuss consumer behavior and how to acquire new users. Read more about:

What games can teach companies about user acquisition

– Increasing customer acquisition with storytelling

– Ways to scale user growth

Founders Flash

Some highlights from this week’s articles:

“The first thing to realize is that every partnership is a risk, because your partner can also potentially become a competitor.” – A Closer Look: 5 Crucial Phases of Start-up Growth, Ilan Mochari, Inc.

“At the end of the day, start-up valuations are based on the final value of their exits through mergers and acquisitions or IPOs, and changes in these exit prices have an immediate ripple effect across every decision made in the industry.” – Why Stock Prices Are So Important For Start-ups, Danny Crichton, Tech Crunch

“It’s not just the moment of purchase that matters. To successfully build customer loyalty requires fresh marketing strategies at every phase of the purchase cycle: before, during, and after.” – How Marketers Can Drive Engagement at Every Phase of the Purchase Cycle, Matthew Kates, Econsultancy