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Video: Goodwin Partner Mitzi Chang Discusses Rules & Regulations with Startups on Cryptocurrency ICOs

Goodwin partner Mitzi Chang discusses how Goodwin works with startups to ensure lawful cryptocurrency transactions and why startups exploring ICOs should be aware of Anti-Money Laundering and know their customer compliance.

Founders Flash: Student Entrepreneurs Share Advice

Student entrepreneurs do not have it easy; launching your first venture while balancing a full-time college course load is like working a dozen full-time jobs.

Founders Flash: Zimbabwe’s Cashless Economy

After Zimbabwe dropped its native currency and adopted American dollars in 2009, the country soon faced an unexpected technological advancement – a cashless economy. This cashless economy has been a surge for the technology space in southern Africa.

Founders Flash: Bank Partnership or Go It Alone?

FinTech startups are increasingly interested in partnering with banks to expand lending in online marketplaces.