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Founders Flash: Learn How to Join the Podcast Craze

Lately, it seems that no matter the industry or target audience, podcasts have become marketers’ best tool to engage with consumers. But the same idea holds true for business-to-business marketing – and founders should take advantage.

Founders Flash: What is Your Target Audience? You Should Know.

In theory, every company is started with a product, an audience and preferred outcome in mind, but a growing number of startup founders are unable to answer a very simple question – “who is this for?”

Founders Flash: Six Digital Marketing Trends Startups Should Follow

Digital marketing evolves every day and companies often fizzle out because they either couldn’t or didn’t want to keep up with changes in marketing. For startups, digital marketing is even more essential to a successful business.

Founders Flash: The Startup Guide to Social Media

If you’re not using social media for your company, you’re leaving money on the table. That’s what Debby Carreau, founder and CEO of Inspired HR, firmly believes. No matter the size or industry, companies and their leaders need to be interacting with customers and potential customers online.

Founders Flash: Zimbabwe’s Cashless Economy

After Zimbabwe dropped its native currency and adopted American dollars in 2009, the country soon faced an unexpected technological advancement – a cashless economy. This cashless economy has been a surge for the technology space in southern Africa.

Founders Flash: a CEO’s Lessons from a Summer with Startups

Target Corp.’s Chairman and CEO Brian Cornell spent the last 13 weeks with Revolar, a Denver-based startup that produces an alert device designed to help people who feel they are in physical danger.