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Founders Flash: Dealing With Negatives in a Pitch

No matter how strong the startup, every business goes through tough times it would prefer to forget. So when it’s time to sell the business – or pitch it to investors – you should be upfront about any potential skeletons in the company’s past.

Founders Flash: Lessons From Funding During an Unpredictable Market

If you were seeking venture capital funding in the fourth quarter of 2016, CEO and tech entrepreneur Mark Woodward feels your pain. When his company began Series D funding in September, Woodward couldn’t predict that the market would drop and that funding would drop 30 percent.

Founders Flash: Avoid These Common Acquisition Offer Mistakes

Whether you’ve just starting fundraising or you’re few steps away from your goal, an acquisition offer is always flattering. It’s also a tightrope-walk of unpredictability, and so, understandably, meetings with potential buyers often leave founders nervous.

Founders Flash: 2017 Predictions From Venture Capitalists

With 2016 now officially in the rear-view mirror, entrepreneurs and startup leaders have focused their attention on the new year. This week, technology-news publication GeekWire questioned five Seattle-area venture capitalists on their predictions for trends and forecasts for 2017.

Founders Flash: Budget Tips All New Entrepreneurs Should Know

When entrepreneurs are first starting their businesses, oftentimes the excitement of the new company overpowers any practical thought of budgeting. While many view budgeting as a necessary evil, it’s a crucial step to starting any business and can prove to be your make-or-break moment.

Founders Flash: The Most Important Product You Design Is Your Company

Even if your company only makes one product, it really makes two. Basecamp co-founder Jason Fried firmly believes you should treat your own company as if it was another product; it’s the product used by your employees.

Founders Flash: With Indiegogo, Everyone Can Be a Venture Capitalist, Invest in Startups

Startup founders now have a new audience for financing: everyone. Thanks to Indiegogo, an international crowdfunding website usually used for developers of movies, games and gadgets, now allows anyone to hunt for intriguing start-ups as investment opportunities.

Founders Flash: Ready to Fundraise? Read This First

The recent success of venture capital unicorn valuations, startup founders have started to think that the only track to success includes rapid-pace growth and even faster fundraising. But many venture capitalist disagree.