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Founders Flash: Advice For Women Entrepreneurs On Funding

What is the best advice for women entrepreneurs in terms of funding? It’s a commonly asked question, though rarely answered. Bonnie Foley-Wong, CEO of Pique Ventures, an impact investment and management company, recently shared her advice after more than 20 years of mobilizing capital for entrepreneurial businesses.

Founders Flash: Startup Accelerators Show What’s the Next Big Trend

n the recent past, the most successful startup accelerators have given investors and consumers a glimpse into the future (think Uber, Airbnb). A team of data experts at TechCrunch tested this theory by researching startups that raised first-time funding in the past six months from accelerators in North America with a standout record for backing startups that go on to secure much higher valuations.

Founders Flash: 2017 Predictions From Venture Capitalists

With 2016 now officially in the rear-view mirror, entrepreneurs and startup leaders have focused their attention on the new year. This week, technology-news publication GeekWire questioned five Seattle-area venture capitalists on their predictions for trends and forecasts for 2017.

Founders Flash: The Most Important Product You Design Is Your Company

Even if your company only makes one product, it really makes two. Basecamp co-founder Jason Fried firmly believes you should treat your own company as if it was another product; it’s the product used by your employees.

Founders Flash: With Indiegogo, Everyone Can Be a Venture Capitalist, Invest in Startups

Startup founders now have a new audience for financing: everyone. Thanks to Indiegogo, an international crowdfunding website usually used for developers of movies, games and gadgets, now allows anyone to hunt for intriguing start-ups as investment opportunities.

Founders Flash: Ready to Fundraise? Read This First

The recent success of venture capital unicorn valuations, startup founders have started to think that the only track to success includes rapid-pace growth and even faster fundraising. But many venture capitalist disagree.

Founders Flash: Kobe Bryant Launches $100M Venture Capital Fund

The Flash remembers the days when Kobe Bryant would get a hot hand and drop a cool 30 or 40 points on a helpless NBA foe. Having retired this year from the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe has announced his next gig: being a venture capitalist.

Founders Flash: Business Lessons Hidden in Olympic Viewing

Binge watching is nothing new, but instead of Netflix or the latest HBO series, consumers are glued to their TVs watching the 2016 Olympics in Rio. While the super human strength it takes to swim 1,500 meters may not apply to starting your own business, there are plenty of lessons to be learned from watching the athletes compete.

Founders Flash: Considering Where to Launch Your Next Startup? Go Where The Money Is.

A recent study from Pitchbook explores whether or not accessibility to venture capital varies across different parts of the U.S. For young entrepreneurs, figuring out where to settle down often involves researching the best place to launch a startup – and access to funding plays a large part in this decision.

PillPack Co-Founders Share Entrepreneurial and Startup Experience at Techstars

Recently, Dave Cappillo, a partner in Goodwin’s Corporate and Technology Companies Groups and Founders Workbench contributor, moderated a lively audience Q&A at Techstars with TJ Parker and Elliot Cohen, co-founders of the pharmaceutical delivery startup, PillPack. Below are excerpts from the conversation.