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Founders Flash: Interesting Conversations with Startups, About Startups

In last week’s Founders Flash, we discussed accelerators and the benefits it can give early-stage startups. This week, HubSpot, an inbound marketing and sales platform, launched HubSpot for Startups for seed-stage startups in an incubator, accelerator, or VC program.

Founders Flash: Learn How to Join the Podcast Craze

Lately, it seems that no matter the industry or target audience, podcasts have become marketers’ best tool to engage with consumers. But the same idea holds true for business-to-business marketing – and founders should take advantage.

Founders Flash: Six Digital Marketing Trends Startups Should Follow

Digital marketing evolves every day and companies often fizzle out because they either couldn’t or didn’t want to keep up with changes in marketing. For startups, digital marketing is even more essential to a successful business.

Founders Flash: How Startups Are Choosing Their Name

Creativity is essential to any startup – including finding the perfect company name. Ideally, it would be short, memorable, descriptive, and easy to pronounce; but recent startups have created an interesting trend when it comes to startup company names.

Founders Flash

Our favorite articles from the week discuss why one startup is giving equity to customers, list the nine largest startup funding rounds of the last 2 years, address game-changing digital advertising trends, and teach how to do a competitive case analysis.

Happy reading!

Founders Flash

Some highlights from this week’s articles:

“Innovation is often the product of mistakes made, of caution thrown to the wind. And yet, the ability to be disruptive while also quietly meticulous might just be the difference between a bubble-fueled fad and a business built to last.” – Warby Parker Sees The Future of Retail, Max Chafkin, Fast Company

“It’s important that businesses actively discuss a leadership transition with their employees, vendors and clients—and explain what it will mean for them.” – How to Replace a Wildly Popular Leader, Kelly Spors, Open Forum

“The campaigns that both Twitter and Facebook ran during the World Cup last year as evidence that there’s plenty of potential for app adoption in Latin America.” – More than half of all smartphone users in Latin America use Twitter, study claims, Ruth Reader, Venture Beat

Founders Flash

Developing a Marketing Strategy

Our favorite articles from the week discuss the development and evolution of a marketing strategy. Read more about:

-how to write a startup marketing plan

-building a content marketing strategy

-why your strategy may be designed to fail

Founders Flash

Google Compliance and SEO

Google is constantly evolving its search engine algorithms to vanquish spam and black hat SEO practices. As a result of recent changes, companies are making major investments to bring their websites back in line with Google’s best practices. While the cost of rewrites seem unreasonable, keeping up with SEO is essential to beat competitors. Chris Abraham, a web strategy consultant, outlines what your company should be thinking about in terms of organic search optimization, and how to approach a new SEO strategy.

Read more from “Your competitors are doing SEO” (Biznology).

Founders Flash

Innovation in Marketing

Innovation is a central focus for marketing teams, but it’s hard to achieve. Part of the problem is that innovation means a lot of different things to different people. A recent survey by Marketo showed what those differences are and where the majority of top marketers agree. Some of the key takeaways were that knowing your customers is the most powerful driver of innovation, that culture and limitations of the business-to-business model are the main barriers, and that technology, research and integration should be priority areas for every business.

Read more from “80% of marketers agree innovation is important — but disagree on what it means” (VentureBeat).

Founders Flash

Our favorite articles from the week discuss the importance of traditional media and how to obtain it. Read more about:

-How to get media coverage for your start-up

-Tactics that will help you stand out as a thought leader

-Exploring problems to actually become a thought leader