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Founders Flash: Student Entrepreneurs Share Advice

Student entrepreneurs do not have it easy; launching your first venture while balancing a full-time college course load is like working a dozen full-time jobs.

Founders Flash: Should Startups Take a Stand on Divisive Topics?

In the current volatile political atmosphere, it can be difficult to separate your business role from your personal beliefs. Large companies, including Apple and Starbucks, have stepped into the spotlight to speak up on social issues, including immigration, climate change and health care.

Founders Flash: Defining (Startup) Success

Working in a startup environment, life is – by nature – a little unsettled. Casual small-talk questions like ‘how are things going?’ or ‘how’s work’, can often lead to doubting success, personal or professional. With startups, these are often one and the same.

Founders Flash

Some highlights from this week’s articles:

“No venture ever succeeds without confident, enthusiastic leadership around a mission that will attract employees, investors and customers.” – 5 Startup Tips to Avoid Cash Crash and Burn, Dan Yoo, Entrepreneur

“Stop trying to serve two kinds of customers.” – 30 Things to Stop Doing As A Startup Founder, Lucas Carlson, Craftsman Founder

“There are VCs that now expect you to have gone in the direction of crowd-funding first before approaching them.” – How Crowd-Funding Is Changing Everything and What That Means for Your Startup, First Round Review

Founders Flash

Our favorite articles from the week stress the importance of having a maternity leave policy, examine how to adjust your business strategy when your company outgrows the “start-up” phase, discuss how to build a start-up that has an unfair advantage, and offer a list of essential start-up marketing resources.

Founders Flash

Our favorite articles from the week give a definitive guide to social media tools for start-ups, discuss methods to overcome cognitive overload and increase focus, examine the status of the New York tech scene, and consider whether we are headed toward another tech bubble.

Founders Flash

Start-up Perks

Our favorite articles from the week address how company culture at various start-ups has improved morale and increased productivity. Read more about:

–          How one start-up thrives on a four-day workweek

–          Various company culture perks that drive productivity, like volunteer days and flexible hours

–          Why perks matter, and which are the most meaningful to your employees

Founders Flash

Our favorite articles from this week discuss how to keep your start-up alive in its first three years, stress the importance of drawing the line between friendship and business, question the popular belief that start-ups trump the MBA, and explain why ‘exit strategy’ is an oxymoron.

Founders Flash

This week’s articles recommend how to make the most out of marketing swag, discuss ways to gain start-up traction on a budget, offer lessons in asking for help, and explain how to overcome vulnerability.

Founders Flash

This week’s articles make a list of start-up resolutions for 2014, identify new global start-up cities, explain why public speaking skills are essential to starting a business, and discuss the benefits of having offices in multiple locations.