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Founders Flash: The Sustainable Entrepreneur Movement

The second annual Young Sustainable Impact conference hosted 25 innovators – all under 25 years’ old and from around the world – to develop solutions for global issues.

Founders Flash: Student Entrepreneurs Share Advice

Student entrepreneurs do not have it easy; launching your first venture while balancing a full-time college course load is like working a dozen full-time jobs.

Founders Flash: Interesting Conversations with Startups, About Startups

In last week’s Founders Flash, we discussed accelerators and the benefits it can give early-stage startups. This week, HubSpot, an inbound marketing and sales platform, launched HubSpot for Startups for seed-stage startups in an incubator, accelerator, or VC program.

Founders Flash: When to Apply to an Accelerator

While it’s just one option in your startup journey, joining an accelerator has its perks. Once a startup is accepted into an accelerator program, a new world opens up for you, the founder. Accelerators connect you with a new network of entrepreneurs, provide you with a mentor, and free up your time to focus on product development.

Founders Flash: Startup Accelerators Show What’s the Next Big Trend

n the recent past, the most successful startup accelerators have given investors and consumers a glimpse into the future (think Uber, Airbnb). A team of data experts at TechCrunch tested this theory by researching startups that raised first-time funding in the past six months from accelerators in North America with a standout record for backing startups that go on to secure much higher valuations.

Founders Flash: New Help For Tech, Data-Driven Startups

For technology startups, it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. With something so intricate as new technology, founders can’t always envision the end goal – a real, thriving business. That’s about to change.

Founders Flash: Accelerators to Watch in 2017

When a startup succeeds, it’s celebrated for creativity and innovation. But there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes that is never noted, an unsung hero when unicorn startups prosper: accelerators.

Founders Flash

Accelerators v. Venture Capital in Early Stage Funding

Accelerators have turned traditional early stage financing on its head by decreasing the costs of starting a new technology business and offering more than just financial support.  In exchange for equity in your business, an accelerator offers not only seed funding, but connections, mentoring, and exposure to a huge number of investors. This shift has given start-ups more power when negotiating with venture capitalists. When an accelerator sends its company to a demo-day, dozens of investors show up to bid, creating an auction-like environment that gives the upper hand to the start-ups.

Read more from “ How Accelerators Have Changed Startup Funding”  (Slate).

Founders Flash

This week’s articles discuss how venture capital investments are shaking up the consumer product market, offer key takeaways from start-ups that failed, address how to handle criticism on social media, and explain why one VC thinks start-ups should skip out on accelerators.  

Founders Flash

This week’s articles profile a big winner at SXSW’s Accelerator Contest; offer advice on how to minimize setup costs, tax liabilities, and risk of lawsuits; discuss how some of Boston’s biggest brands communicate with their customers; and identify five marketing lessons learned at SXSW.