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Founders Flash: Next Steps After Incorporating or Forming an LLC

So you’ve incorporated or formed an LLC for your business. What’s next? After spending time and energy deciding which business structure to form and when to do it, you now have another set of questions to answer.

Founders Flash: Baby Boomers Finding a Home in Emerging Tech

As the baby boomers hit – and pass – the (formerly) standard retirement age, the global workforce will need to continue absorbing the dramatic rise in employees over 65 for the next 10 to 20 years. A company in South Korea has found the solution to that problem; EverYoung, a technology services firm, only employs those over 55 years’ old.

Founders Flash: Six Digital Marketing Trends Startups Should Follow

Digital marketing evolves every day and companies often fizzle out because they either couldn’t or didn’t want to keep up with changes in marketing. For startups, digital marketing is even more essential to a successful business.

Founders Flash: Defining (Startup) Success

Working in a startup environment, life is – by nature – a little unsettled. Casual small-talk questions like ‘how are things going?’ or ‘how’s work’, can often lead to doubting success, personal or professional. With startups, these are often one and the same.

Founders Flash: Female entrepreneurs making strides in startup ownership

The Flash took favorable note of recent U.S. Census Bureau data showing that, although the growth rate of new businesses overall has stalled, the share of women-owned small businesses has climbed. Indeed, the number of women-owned businesses grew at a 27% clip between 2007 and 2012 – during which time the total number of U.S. businesses grew by only 2%. This is very encouraging in light of the challenges the startup community has faced in boosting the number of companies founded by women entrepreneurs.

Founders Flash: G Is for Google; M is for More (Moonshots, etc.)

Google last week announced its formation as an entirely new company, called Alphabet. It’s a corporate maneuver in which Google will become part of Alphabet. Google CEO and co-founder Larry Page will step down from the top post at Google proper and become CEO of Alphabet. Fellow Google co-founder Sergey Brin will become Alphabet’s president. Longtime Google executive Sundar Pichai is now Google’s CEO.

Founders Flash: Silicon Valley named leading ecosystem for tech startups but other cities are close on its heels

The Flash certainly took interest when benchmarking firm Compass, last week, released its global ranking report on startup ecosystems. The ranking of global regions is based on how well areas nurture top tech talent, host profitable businesses and expand into foreign markets. Silicon Valley continues to be the leading region for tech startups, but other cities are quickly climbing the ranks. New York City jumped three spots to take second place and Tel Aviv, also jumping three spots, moved into the top five. The Flash is interested to see if other regions will be able to give Silicon Valley a run for its money in the near future.

The Flash also checks in with Buffer, the social media management company that is on a quest to create a self-managed workplace culture. A $7 million startup with zero managers? Talk about transparency…

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Founders Flash: Spotify Wants to Be a Bigger Part of Your Life…and Scott McNealy’s back!

Here comes the All-Around Entertaining App! The on-demand subscription music service Spotify first won our hearts by giving us access to all the tunes we wanted. Now it’s looking to take on bigger competitors (we’re looking at you, Apple), and is rolling out a new app that seeks to make the company an unlimited source of video and podcasts. The Flash certainly took note of this aggressive move. We also applauded the re-entry of Scott McNealy to the entrepreneurial ring – the former Sun Microsystems CEO (and tech/SV rock star) announced this week that he’s taking the reins at Wayin, a social marketing startup he co-founded five years ago.

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Founders Flash: Uber-rich! $50B Valuation for World’s Most Highly Capitalized Startup

Uber Technologies, the SF-based ride-sharing company, is looking to raise between $1.5B and $2 billion in new funding. What’s the company valuation for that ambitious funding, you ask? Try $50 B-,B-,B- Billion … that’s a lot of unicorns…What will Uber do with all that money? Poach talent, for starters: Google’s PR chief received an offer she couldn’t refuse.

The Flash also kicks back with some longer reads, checking out The New Yorker profile of Silicon Valley giant Marc Andreessen and the California Sunday look at the slew of high school entrepreneurs/dropouts descending on San Francisco.

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Founders Flash: A Most Crafty IPO for Etsy, the Largest-ever B-Corp IPO

Online crafts seller Etsy debuted on Wall Street last week, and The Flash certainly took notice. In addition to the company’s volatile stock movement, The Flash learned a few interesting tidbits about this hot company: Etsy is the largest B-Corp to go through the IPO process, and the company has NEVER turned a profit (and may never do so…). The JOBS Act – a long-time FWB fave for its potential to help emerging growth companies – continues getting favorable coverage for crowdfunding and other programs. We also check in with leading VC firm Andreessen Horowitz after its recent hiring of Facebook’s former GC, who will help startups with regulatory and legal challenges. 

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