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Founders Flash: Tech companies ramp up loan offerings to small businesses

The Flash knows that certain companies already know the daily revenue intake of a huge swath of small businesses. So….why not get into the lending business? That’s just what Intuit, among others, is moving to do. Last week, the maker of TurboTax announced a partnership with online lender OnDeck Capital to create a $100 million fund to provide loans to small businesses (particularly to those small businesses that are using its accounting software). With small business lending still well below pre-recession levels, this could help startup and other early-stage financing efforts.

Founders Flash: Silicon Valley can produce hardware, too

The Flash loves the Internet of Things, and all things connected. At the same time, it’s refreshing to see some hardware coming out of Silicon Valley that is not a connected consumer product. So this week we check in with a startup named Nebia, which just developed a revolutionary new product – a shower head – that just might just alter your daily bathing experience.