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In the News: Goodwin’s Bill Growney Shares Equity Compensation Advice

Goodwin technology partner Bill Growney authored a June 29 Daily Journal article featuring advice for startups preparing equity compensation plans.

Founders Circle Explores Tick Tock of Stock Options

Final Days to Apply for Startup World Cup

Think your startup has what it takes to compete against other emerging companies that are shaking up the business world for $1 million in investment?

Founders Flash: Bank Partnership or Go It Alone?

FinTech startups are increasingly interested in partnering with banks to expand lending in online marketplaces.

Tech Partner Bill Growney Talks Startups on Founders and Friends Podcast

On August 24, Goodwin partner Bill Growney joined Scott Orn on his Founders and Friends podcast to discuss Growney’s move to Goodwin last October and to provide guidance on fundamental legal issues startups and founders should be aware of.

Goodwin Procter hosts founders “boot camp” session to share startup best practices

Entrepreneurs of all stripes gathered at Goodwin Procter’s New York office on September 19th and 20th for a founders “boot camp” session, which offered best practices for managing startups. Organized through the Roadmap to Entrepreneurship Course , the weekend-long session was taught by startup veteran Andrew Weinreich.

Founders Flash: Fitbit Moves to Box Out Apple Watch, Jawbone with Coming IPO

The Flash has long been bullish on the market potential of wearable technology, recognizing that – from watches to glasses – we will all soon be wearing the web. This now-vibrant consumer industry is not just a fashion or fitness statement – it’s also big business. Indeed, The Flash took note at Fitbit’s announcement that it plans to raise nearly $500M from its IPO later this year. We shall see if the first-mover advantage bolsters the SF-based company in its upcoming battles with Apple, Jawbone, Nike and Microsoft…

The Flash also checks in with one of America’s iconic cities – Detroit. Though Motown has had its bumps of late, early sprouts of innovation are starting to shoot. The Flash is a big believer that innovation drives job creation, and the Motor City is looking to prove that with a series of initiatives to lure startup companies and founders.

These and more in this week’s edition of The Flash!

Founders Flash: Spotify Wants to Be a Bigger Part of Your Life…and Scott McNealy’s back!

Here comes the All-Around Entertaining App! The on-demand subscription music service Spotify first won our hearts by giving us access to all the tunes we wanted. Now it’s looking to take on bigger competitors (we’re looking at you, Apple), and is rolling out a new app that seeks to make the company an unlimited source of video and podcasts. The Flash certainly took note of this aggressive move. We also applauded the re-entry of Scott McNealy to the entrepreneurial ring – the former Sun Microsystems CEO (and tech/SV rock star) announced this week that he’s taking the reins at Wayin, a social marketing startup he co-founded five years ago.

The Flash looks at these and other stories. Check it out!

Founders Flash: Uber-rich! $50B Valuation for World’s Most Highly Capitalized Startup

Uber Technologies, the SF-based ride-sharing company, is looking to raise between $1.5B and $2 billion in new funding. What’s the company valuation for that ambitious funding, you ask? Try $50 B-,B-,B- Billion … that’s a lot of unicorns…What will Uber do with all that money? Poach talent, for starters: Google’s PR chief received an offer she couldn’t refuse.

The Flash also kicks back with some longer reads, checking out The New Yorker profile of Silicon Valley giant Marc Andreessen and the California Sunday look at the slew of high school entrepreneurs/dropouts descending on San Francisco.

Check out these stories and more in The Flash!

Ryan Sansom Explains Strategic Investments for Life Science and Technology Companies

In our first post summarizing Ryan Sansom’s Google Hangout, “Strategic Investments for Life Science and Technology Companies” he clarified who exactly is making strategic investments and noted some interesting trends in strategic investing.

Continuing this series, Ryan moves on to the ways that strategic investments arise and what motivates strategic investors.