Caine Moss and Emma Mann-Meginniss Offer Founder-friendly Financing Tips to VentureBeat Community

Goodwin Procter attorneys and Founders Workbench contributors, Caine Moss and Emma Mann-Meginniss, recently wrote an article explaining founder-favorable terms to work towards when forming and financing new ventures. Posted to technology news site VentureBeat, the article offers useful tips for founders to consider when negotiating with venture investors in the current hot venture-capital and exit markets, including:

  1. Retain control: Supervoting stock
  2. Alternative: Supervoting at the Board Level
  3. Early Liquidity: FF Preferred Stock
  4. Limit the VC’s Control: Voting Control
  5. Greater Ownership: Aggressive Founder Vesting

To get full details of these very useful tips, read the full article here.

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