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Dilution Results


Do you have any outstanding convertible notes?

Aggregate value of outstanding convertible notes:

Size of Discount:

Valuation Cap:

Pre-money Valuation:

Proposed investment:

Option pool:

Pre-money valuation: $0
Investment amount: $0
Post-money valuation: $0
Ownership Percentage
Founders: 0%
Noteholders: 0%
Investors: 0%
Option Pool: 0%

Founders will be diluted by: 0%

Liquidation Results


Liquidation Multiple: 0X

Preferred Share Participation: Capped Participation

Preferred Stock Cap: 0X

Dividend amount: 0

Exit Value of Company: 0

Liquidation Distribution Amounts
Noteholders receive: $0
Investors receive: $0
Employees receive: $0
Founders receive: $0


Calculating Dilution
1. This calculator assumes no option pool has been put into place yet and the increase will be pre-money, meaning the new investors will not be diluted by the addition of the pool.
2. The convertible notes, if any, shall convert in the money except that any additional shares issued as a result of a discount or valuation cap will be pre-money.  In other words, the pre-money valuation you input does not include the value of the converting principle and interest, only any discount/cap sweetener that is added.
3. If there is a discount and a valuation cap, the calculations assume the noteholder gets the better of the two but not both.
4. This calculator assume that the founders collectively hold 100% of the equity prior to the hypothetical equity financing and no other equity has been issued or promised.
5. All prices are in USD.

Calculating Liquidation 

1. The model does not take into account escrows, earnouts or other contingent payments.
2. The model assumes the company sale happens before a second equity financing.
3. The model does not take into account of any management team severance or other payments.
4. All prices are in USD.

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