CES 2016 – the best and most innovative gadgets coming your way

The Flash joins the rest of the tech world every January in reveling in the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and geeking out at the newest and coolest devices. For a quick peek at the most innovative—and zaniest—devices coming to consumers in 2016, we offer the following list of what to look for. What does the list include? Try on some of these for size (based on special features in WSJ and Inc.)…2-way conferencing for your Labradoodle, anyone?

  • A wearable fitness and safety monitor for seniors
  • An olfactory alarm clock
  • A Windows 10 laptop slimmer than Apple’s MacBook
  • A self-installing baby seat
  • A fitness-focused smart watch
  • A two-way video conferencing system for pets
  • A highly connected sneaker
  • A mattress that responds to your fitness tracker

We also go long-form for Om Malik’s look at the ingredients of market power in the modern digital economy and the trend of ‘winner takes all’ within several key vectors of the startup scene.

Check out these and more in this week’s edition of Founders Flash!

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