Deal Dictionary: Making Sense of Investor Jargon

You did your research, ironed out your pitch and formalized your plan. You walk into a VC meeting feeling ambitious and confident. Everything is going well, but then the VC starts throwing out terms like “Double Trigger Vesting Acceleration” and “No Shop Provision.” You feel a little clueless. What does this all mean?

If you’re a founder, particularly a first-time founder, navigating the often obscure legal and financial terms use by VCs and angel investors can be daunting.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a cheat sheet for all of this financing jargon?

Founders Workbench is here to help with our new Deal Dictionary. This handy mobile app puts key financing terms right in the palm of your hand. You can study up on investor terminology well in advance of a big meeting or take a quick glance to brush up on key terms right before you walk in the door.

Check out our Deal Dictionary and conquer “Double Trigger Vesting Acceleration” once and for all!

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