Document Driver® Now Features Confidentiality and IP Assignment Agreement

On behalf of the entire Goodwin Founder’s Workbench team, I am thrilled to announce an additional module for our popular, striving-for-ubiquitous (and now award-winning) Document Driver®.  As users have attested (in Q1 2011 alone almost 18,000 uniques strong), the Document Driver® is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use document generator that gives entrepreneurs the tools to get their venture off the ground.

Today, we've added another critical tool to the Document Driver®.  Entrepreneurs can now easily generate a Confidentiality and Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement for every founder, director, officer, employee and consultant that may contribute to the intellectual property of a start-up.  This agreement provides that all information related to the business of the start-up must be kept confidential and is owned by the start-up.  Importantly, the service provider also agrees to assign to the start-up any IP related to the business that the service provider develops.  These confidentiality and IP assignment provisions protect the lifeblood of a start-up – namely, its business plans, ideas and inventions – from claims by a service provider that she or he owns them.  It also provides protections critical to potential investors and business partners.  So, enjoy, and as always please let us know your thoughts, comments and suggestions at

P.S. Please be on the look out for my follow-up post – “Ruminations on the Founders Workbench, Six-ish Months In” that I am now publicly committing myself to.

This post on Free Legal Start-Up Documents and Intellectual Property was authored by Dave Cappillo.


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