Formation Tools

Get your company started today with one of these tools. Our Document Driver® product is the best free tool to get you started with forming a corporation or LLC. We have also listed below a selection of third party tools that may prove useful with other aspects of forming your start-up. We hope you find these tools helpful!

Our Tools

Our tools allow you to generate formation documents for start-up companies free of charge.


Document Driver® — our free online legal document generation solution — will allow you to produce a suite of legal documents to form your start-up as a Delaware corporation or a single or multiple person limited liability company.*

*A Delaware corporation is the most commonly utilized entity for start-ups, particularly those seeking to raise venture capital financing.  However, there may be advantages to organizing your business under the laws of a state other than Delaware, or as an entity other than a corporation, which is why we also offer documents to form a limited liability company.  You should consult your legal and/or tax advisors to determine the type of entity and jurisdiction of organization that best suits your needs before using Document Driver®.

Partner Tools

We are open to partnering with organizations that offer a wide variety of tools for forming, establishing and growing your company. Note: Partners may charge fees for their services.

Work with our partner Shoobx from founding to exit. The power in the Shoobx platform comes from its breadth of capability. You can use Shoobx to generate our Document Driver® forms for a Delaware C corporation, digitally sign them, file your incorporation and store all your legal documents for safe keeping. Shoobx can also help you manage your cap table, hire employees, create a stock incentive plan, close a round of funding, and a lot more.

Additional Tools

Mercury makes bank accounts that help tech companies scale.

Mercury provides full-service banking for start-ups:

• FDIC-insured bank accounts
• Modern web & mobile banking
• Virtual and physical debit cards
• No monthly fees
• Trusted security

eShares is the first and only SEC-registered Transfer Agent for private companies. Its online platform allows companies—from seed stage to pre-IPO—to manage equity electronically with the participation of their shareholders, employees, auditors, and legal counsel.

Gust is a global SaaS funding platform for the sourcing and management of early-stage investments.

DocuSign is a company that provides electronic signature technology and Digital Transaction Management services for facilitating electronic exchanges of contracts and signed documents.