EGFS Webinar: Ask the VC

This free webinar provides founders with an opportunity to get fundraising insight straight from
the horse's mouth!
Founders -- this is your chance to get real answers to your real questions.
When you're seeking VC funds, it boils down to: What are venture capitalists really looking for -- and how can you show them you've got it?
Join Sean Foote, Founder and Managing Director of Co=Creation=Capital, and Gadiel Morantes, Chief Revenue Officer with Early Growth Financial Services for this hour-long open forum.
In addition to the open forum, topics covered will include:
-What questions VCs will ask
- How to impress VCs
- Questions you should ask potential investors
- What NOT to ask investors
We hope you can join us!
Co=Creation=Capital: Entrepreneurs + Money + Management = Co=Creation=Capital - because startups need all the help they can get!
EGFS is an outsourced financial services firm that provides accounting, CFO, tax, and valuation services and support to companies at all stages of the development process.

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