Get Your (Financial) House in Order

A CFO, a CPA, and a Bookkeeper walk into your startup… they also tell you that you need insurance policies and payroll before talking with an investor.

Early stage entrepreneurs often need help understanding complex accounting and bookkeeping issues – particularly those that affect the ability to raise capital. Accounting and bookkeeping are the day to day tasks that often get pushed aside, but are vital when it comes to raising capital.

This compact, in-depth session, led by some of the Boston area’s premier math and
spreadsheet whizzes, help entrepreneurs navigate potential roadblocks to fundraising due to these issues. Topics will be defined interactively, and may include impact of business model choice on cash flow, when and how to hire financial personnel, accounting tracking methods and developing credible financial projections.

Working lunch programs are hosted by The Capital Network’s professional service sponsors in New England to provide tactical level information designed to accelerate entrepreneurial development and fundraising processes for Boston-area startups.

Scott Goodwin CPA, Wolf and Company
Gretchen Lind, Mason and Mason
Greg Pierce and John Martin, Northstar Insurance
Doc Honan, Venture Advisors
Calvin Wilder, SmartBooks
Mitchell Zucker, ConnectPay