The XX Factor: The Exponential Female Effect for Startups (TCN’s Annual Women’s Breakfast)

The female factor is proving to show that companies with a woman in a leadership position are more likely to succeed. Whether as Founder, CEO, Board Director, or Investor, women can offer a unique perspective, vision, and management style that can put the company a few notches above the rest.

Join The Capital Network as they discuss the impact women make on startups with a highly-impactful panel, followed by small-group breakout conversations led by successful investors from Golden Seeds, among other angel groups from the community, and entrepreneurs in the Boston startup ecosystem, that just happen to be female, and female supporters. Opening Remarks on his Opinion Piece "Break Boston’s Digital Ceiling:" Mike Ross, former Boston City Councilor. Panel discussion: Monica Brady-Myerov, Listen Edition Tracey Noonan, Wicked Good Cupcakes Gail Hoffman, Golden Seeds Katie Schuller Bleakie, Golden Seeds and Gracious Eloise.