Filling the Void and Defining the Possible: Highlights fromTEDxWallStreet

Goodwin Procter and Founders Workbench recently sponsored TEDxWallStreet at the New York Stock Exchange. The conference, themed “Filling the Void,” featured thirteen speakers who highlighted ideas that are missing elements in today’s economy and society.

Do you remember wondering if you could fly – and then learning that you couldn’t? Jason Latimer, a magician who spoke at TEDxWallStreet, recalled that experience too.

Latimer, unimpressed by life’s so-called limits, has spent his life challenging what we claim to know about the world. Pointing out that we once thought the Earth was flat only because we had limited information available, Latimer reminded the audience that life is not shaped by answers, but rather by questions. These questions, he said, fill a void because they create wonder. View Jason’s presentation.

Twelve additional speakers met to discuss “Filling the Void.” A few highlights from the conference include:

Brian David Johnson, futurist at Intel Corporation, dreams of ways we can build businesses to optimize them for the good of humanity, rather than for profit. View Brian’s presentation.

Michael Arad, design creator for the national 9/11 memorial, explains how his idea evolved over several years and eventually became the winning submission out of 5,000 other entries. View Michael’s presentation.

Mary Ellen Iskenderian, President and CEO of Women’s World Banking, aspires to bring basic financial instruments such as bank accounts and insurance to the 3 billion people who are currently without access to them. View Mary Ellen’s presentation.

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