Founders Flash: 10 Lessons On M&A From Cisco’s John Chambers

Mergers and acquisitions in the tech space have helped fuel growth in recent years, and we know concrete lessons about not only weathering the M&A process, but also about building strong companies is crucial knowledge for entrepreneurs everywhere.

“When you buy a company, everything is negotiable except strategy and culture.”- John Chambers

Our Goodwin San Francisco office recently co-hosted a half day workshop entitled “M&A Masterclass” with SOSV/ HAX on November 16, 2018. The workshop featured panel sessions on The Art of Corporate M&A, a CFO discussion, and a fireside chat with Cisco’s John Chambers who offered 10 lessons on tech M&A. In this issue of the Flash, we recap these key learnings:

  1. M&A Is A Vaccine Against Irrelevance
  2. Tech Is Entering Every Sector
  3. Your Customers Can Tell You What To Buy
  4. Pick The Right Match
  5. Build Your Playbook(s)
  6. Do Your Homework
  7. Pay For What The Value Is To You
  8. Keep The Talent
  9. Expect Some Failures
  10. In The Future, Acquisitions Might Not Be Enough

Also in this week’s Flash:

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