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This week’s articles discuss a baby boomer’s story as an entrepreneur, advice on how to determine the right office setting for your business, ways to lead your business like a baseball manager, and finding work-life balance as an entrepreneur.

The Baby Boomer Entrepreneur – Bertha Coombs, CNBC

Entrepreneur Lynn Gray talks about how she started her own business at the age of 59, launching her own recruiting service company after the company she worked for collapsed in 2008.

Entrepreneurship Advice: How to Decide Between Coworking Spaces, Accelerators and Incubators – J.D. Harrison, The Washington Post

Young entrepreneurs offer their insight on determining what workspace is right for their business.

3 Ways to Lead Your Business Like a Baseball Manager – Trevor Turnbull, Entrepreneur

Baseball managers make decisions in key moments that affect how games are won and mirror the same responsibilities of great business leaders.

Do Entrepreneurs Need Work-Life Balance? – Hanny Lerner, Forbes

An entrepreneur shares her secrets to finding a proper work-life balance.

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