Founders Flash

This week’s stories provide insights on how to grow your business, work more productively, leverage social media to your advantage and hire great talent. All are worth a read.

How To Scale Your Business From Zero To Multi-Millions In Revenue – Alyson Shontell, Business Insider

Growing from startup to millions takes smarts, hard work, risk taking and some luck. Bruce Pellegrino did it and shares tips on how you can too.

The 8 Habits of Highly Productive People – Celestine Chua, Personal Excellence

True productivity is the ability to create a lot of high-impact work quickly. Here are eight work practices to help you become more highly productive.

Three Ways to Connect with Online Influencers – Entrepreneur

Finding the right social media connections can boost your startup’s marketing. This post looks at three ways to engage with online networkers.

5 things to ask yourself when hiring – Will Herman, VentureBeat

Looking for the next great person you want to add to your startup? Five questions to ask yourself before hiring.

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