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Here are some recent stories we found interesting. This week’s links highlight how to execute great ideas and what to expect if Google buys your startup. All are worth a read.

So Google's Buying Your Startup. Now What?By Douglas MacMillan, BusinessWeek

With over $30 billion in cash, Google is on the hunt to acquire promising startups and the talent that comes with them. MacMillian offers details on what to expect if Google buys your startup.

Why the Best Entrepreneurs Are Closet PessimistsScott Gerber, Inc.

Speaking from personal experience, Gerber  believes “ optimism can kill your business.”    He explains why entrepreneurs need to balance an optimist’s attitude with a dose of pessimism and rationality when planning a startup.

The Ten Big Steps From Idea to Winning ExecutionMarty Zwilling, Startup Professionals Musings

Why startups need a regimented method to formulate, develop and execute their great ideas.

The Real Data on Small Business FailuresTim Berry, Up and Running

Worried about starting a company because you think most small businesses fail? Berry details how the truth may not be in the numbers and why your business is the only one that matters.

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