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Here are stories from this week that grabbed our attention at the Founders Toolbox®. They offer guidance on how to raise money, get press coverage and communicate with potential customers. All are worth a read.  

Tips for Getting (Follow-Up) Press Coverage for Your Startup - Audrey Watters, Read Write Start 

Looking to stay relevant in the press after forming your startup? Watters shares advice on keeping media up to date on your company and how to build relationships with the press. 

I have a great idea for a business, how can I raise the money to launch it? – Ryan Himmel, Entrepreneur  

While a great idea might be the start of a business, ability to raise capital is just as important. Himmel offers insights on seeking financial investors and financing options to help get your business started.    

Ten Common Arrogance Traps for Startups to Avoid – Marty Zilling, Young Entrepreneur 

Zilling explains how finding the right mix of arrogance and confidence can help your business take off: “Lack of confidence in yourself, your product, and your startup is a surefire recipe for disaster. At the other extreme, too much confidence or arrogance can kill you just as fast.” 

Find Customers and Fund Your Startup — Before You Even Have a Product - Shonali Burke, BNET 

Burke introduces ways to connect with customers in today’s digital marketplace through building an online presence and participating in the conversation.

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