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Here are four stories from fellow bloggers and the media that caught our eye here at Founder’s Toolkit.  Each offers solid advice on issues faced by entrepreneurs at various stages of their business life cycle.  This week’s links focus on a range of topics, from keeping control, to building credibility with potential investors.  All are worth a read.

For Entrepreneurs, a Lesson in Keeping Control - Steve Davidoff, The New York Times

While many startups eventually lose control of their company after accepting venture capital funds, Davidoff offers advice on how to remain in the driver’s seat.  His conclusion?  Coming to a favorable agreement and getting multiple term sheet offers can substantially increase your chances of staying in control.

The Best Startups Are Founded By Entrepreneurs Who Built The Product Themselves - Mark Peter Davis for Business Insider

Startups modeled around a product that you created can give your company a distinct advantage in the marketplace.  Building, rather than buying, adds credibility and a compelling personal story to your company.

The ABCs of pitching investors - Always Be Credible - Jeff Bussgang of Flybridge Capital Partners, contributing to VentureBeat

Bussgang offers his take on presenting to potential investors: “Investors like to back great people, so spend as much time thinking about how to present yourself in a compelling fashion as you would your idea.”

The Do’s and Don’ts of Today’s Business Networking - Martin Zwilling at Startup Professionals Musings

The “do’s” and “don’ts” of business networking for entrepreneurs as a key way to find investors, advisors, and even key executive candidates.

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