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This week’s articles discuss how start-ups can partner with brands in order to find success, the personality traits every entrepreneur possesses, the reason why success can be lonely, and the overflow of jobs in the tech industry.

How Startups Work Best With Brands: Focus On the User – Kristin Maverick, AdAge

Startups can work with brands to put the focus back on the consumer and generate cash flow for the company.

The Four Essential Personality Traits Of Every Entrepreneur – Meghan Casserly, Forbes

A list of four personality traits that are found in entrepreneurs.

Why It's Lonely at the Top--and What To Do About It – Mayra Jimenez, Inc.

In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you’ll have an exciting, yet oftentimes lonely journey to the top.

An Insider's View Of Silicon Alley's Talent Feeding Frenzy – Eric Savitz, Forbes

While the national unemployment rate has been struggling as a whole, the high-tech industry has encountered the opposite problem of too many jobs.

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