Founders Flash

This week’s articles identify five start-up work environment traits of which every job candidate should be aware, offer a lesson in “advocate advertising,” suggest methods for promoting leadership and building an effective team, and discuss eight start-up founders’ perspectives on growing a business.

5 Things You Need to Know Before Working at a Start-up – Elli Sharef, Washington Post

Working for a start-up is an invaluable experience, but you should be aware of these five things before you commit.

Start-up Teaches a Lesson in “Advocate Advertising” – Michael Heiss, Money Watch

Two Bald Dads, a snack foods start-up, teaches a lesson in ‘consumer pull versus wholesale push’ advertising.

How One Start-up Created an In-House Leadership Factory –  Sean Blanda, Open Forum

Taking the time to teach and mentor your employees before they start working helps build a team of leaders.

8 Start-up Founders Reveal Their #1 User Acquisition Tactic – Eric Siu, Treehouse Blog

A list of eight ideas on how to grow your business once you’ve started up.

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