Founders Flash

This week’s articles identify ten reasons why start-up ideas are unsuccessful, stress the importance of hiring ‘A’ players, list trends that will dominate the tech world this year, and discuss the benefits of using the national networking group, Startup America Partnership, when traveling.

10 Reasons Why Ideas Fail – Alexandra Fraser, Silicon Cape Initiative

Even brilliant ideas can fail – here’s why.

Why Hiring B Players Will Kill Your Start-up – Jon Soberg, Venture Beat

For start-ups, it is essential to hire candidates who are fully self-sufficient and take initiative.

10 Trends That Will Dominate the Tech Start-up World in 2013 – Adam Tored, Blogtrepreneur

Entrepreneurs should take heed of these ten trends, as they will likely dominate the start-up world this year.

Helping Start-Ups With Local Support and National Networks – Sarah Max, The New York Times

The ‘Startup America Partnership’ helps entrepreneurs secure work spaces, introductions and meetings before traveling to a new city.

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