Founders Flash

This week’s articles identify five little-known costs that arise when starting a business, address the concept of “traction” and what investors are looking for in your business plan, stress the importance of strong customer service to a business’ success, and discuss how an innovative marketing strategy saved one man’s business.

Surprise! 5 Start-up Costs You Might Not Have Thought About – Rieva Lesonsky, Business Finance Lounge

Here are five expenses you might not have thought of when budgeting for your start-up.

How Much Traction is Enough for Investors? – Startup Professional Musings

Before pitching to investors, choose metrics that will prove your start-up has enough traction.

Using Customer Service to Stay Competitive in 2013 – Under30CEO

New business is undoubtedly important, but be sure to please the customers you already have.

A Revolutionary Marketing Strategy: Answer Customers’ Questions – The New York Times

One entrepreneur relays how he saved his business by answering popular questions about the industry, not by promoting his own company.

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