Founders Flash

This week’s articles discuss the timing of social media posts, profile a start-up which provides assistance to failing start-ups, address how to handle various personality types when negotiating with investors, and offer advice on how to find the perfect name for your start-up.

Social Sharing: Monday Morning Blues = Monday Afternoon News? – Rieva Lesonsky, Open Forum

If you’re trying to engage with customers on social media, posting on Monday afternoons might boost your chances.

A Startup for When the Startup Money Runs Out – Sarah Mitroff, Wired

After hearing stories from struggling founders, Jacob Mullins founded a company that helps entrepreneurs seek exit options.

Don’t Let Investor Negotiations Kill Your Startup – Martin Zwilling, Entrepreneur Community Online

Make sure you walk away with a win-win situation after negotiating with investors.

The Makings of a Great Start-up Name: 6 Tips – John Brandon, Inc.

Here are a few tips that will help you find the perfect name for your start-up.

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