Founders Flash

This week’s articles discuss when negativity can actually benefit your marketing strategy, offer advice on how to think like a VC before investing your time in a start-up, quell the rumors that the start-up bubble is ready to burst, and identify six areas where contingency plans benefit entrepreneurs.

Why You Might Want to Be More Negative in Your Marketing – Corey Eridon, HubSpot

Nobody likes a complainer, but in some instances, negativity can boost your marketing.

Be Your Own VC: How to Vet a Start-up Before You Join – Joe Chernov, Mashable

Joining a start-up means investing your time, so think like a VC and do your due diligence.

The Start-up Bubble Hasn't Burst – Laurie Segall, CNN Money

The start-up bubble hasn’t burst; it has expanded into new territory.

6 Areas Where Contingency Plans Benefit Entrepreneurs – Taffy Williams, Examiner

Here are six areas surprises may occur and where a contingency plan may lessen the effects.

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