Founders Flash

This week’s articles profile a start-up that improves the way marketers use email, list the benefits of starting up before the next business bubble, recommend how to make your website a powerful recruiting device, and discuss what to do if you discover someone else is working on your same start-up idea.

Email Marketing Will Never Die, So We May As Well Make It Smarter – Erin Griffith, PandoDaily

Email is still the most effective form of online marketing, and Movable Ink, a New York based startup, is improving the way marketers reach their constituents.

Don’t Wait for the Next Bubble to Start a Business – Martin Zwilling, Startup Professional Musings

While starting up in a lagging economy is risky, there are a number of advantages to forming before the bubble.

10 Recommendations for Better Start-up Website Recruiting – Michael Gaiss, VentureFizz

Your website is a powerful recruiting device – here’s a list of start-ups that have impressive career pages and ways to improve your own.

Someone Has Your Same Start-up Idea? Move Fast, Launch First – Mike Jones, Young Entrepreneur

Mike Jones discusses how to move fast and start up first when you discover another entrepreneur shares your idea.

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