Founders Flash

This week’s articles stress the importance of having a social media strategy, examine potential problems with the Internet sales tax and how it will affect your small business, offer advice on how to approach customer service, and discuss how VCs can make a real difference in start-up success.

Be Honest: Do You Have A Social Media Strategy? – Scott Elser, Inc.

Before using social media to market your business, make sure to have a clear strategy.

The Real Problem with the Internet Sales Tax – Megan McArdle, The Daily Beast

While the consumer will likely have no issues with the Internet sales tax, it has potential to complicate small business operations.

A Lesson In Service: How Not To Treat Prospective Customers – Helen Cross, Under30CEO

Helen Cross points out how some businesses are failing to make a positive first impression.

How VCs Can Make a Real Difference in Start-up Success (Part 1 of 2) – David Teten, peHUB

VCs can add value to a start-up through these seven elements, also known as the TOPSCAN framework.

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