Founders Flash

This week’s articles identify the five worst things companies are doing on Facebook, examine whether an entrepreneur running two start-ups should give one up for the other, discuss how to think about your business strategy, and offer suggestions on how to sell your product if you aren’t a natural salesperson.

5 Worst Things Companies Do on Facebook Today – Carrie Kerpen, Inc.

Social media can help your company grow, but it can also deter customers if you get it wrong.

An Entrepreneur Chooses Potential Growth Over Proven Profits – Julie Weed, New York Times

Aseem Badshah must decide how to divide his time and attention between his two ventures, only one of which is currently generating revenue.

Why Start-ups Need a Well Articulated Strategy (And How to Think About Yours) – Mark Suster, Both Sides of the Table

Before pushing a business model, you need to have a well-articulated strategy in place.

How to Sell (For People Who Hate Sales) – Brian Moran, Open Forum

You may hate sales, but selling is a necessary evil for entrepreneurs.

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