Founders Flash

This week’s articles examine the risk in rushing to start up, discuss how to reach a rising number of mobile customers, suggest a strategy for dealing with customers who don’t pay, and list seven financial terms that will prove useful to every entrepreneur.

Why Are You in Such a Rush? – Dan Shipper, Pandodaily

Oftentimes, being in a rush to start up only slows you down.

The Rise of Mobile Customers and How to Reach Them – Colin S., Linkedin

Here’s a few ways you can use mobile technology to reach your customers more effectively.

The Best Way to Handle Customers Who Don't Pay – Michael Heiss, Money Watch

One of the biggest challenges for a small business owner is how to deal with customers who either can’t or won’t pay their bill.

7 Financial Terms Every Serious Entrepreneur Should Know – Jed Simon, VentureBeat

A basic knowledge of financial concepts will allow you to negotiate and set up basic cost structures for your company.

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