Founders Flash

This week’s articles take us behind the scenes of the recent New York ‘cronut’ craze, compare how two different entrepreneurs in the same market financed their businesses, suggest one smart way to lure a crowd to your product, and discuss how long it’s appropriate to outsource work before a full-time employee is needed.

Dominique Ansel: Meet the Man Behind the Cronut Craze – Katie Morrell, OpenForum

Ansel, creator of the Cronut, talks about how to make a concept go viral and dealing with the craze that follows.

Self-Finance or Raise Money? A Quandary for Start-Ups – Ian Mount, The New York Times Small Business

An age old debate: venture capital is a quick way to raise money, but is it better to self-finance?

Want to Draw a Crowd? Offer to Charge Phones – Joshua Brustein, Bloomberg Businessweek

AT&T is installing phone charging stations around NYC – a tactic you too can use to attract crowds.

When You Should Be Outsourcing – Curt Richardson, Inc.

Here’s how to know when you should outsource work and when it’s time to hire a full-time employee.

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