Founders Flash

This week’s articles discuss maintaining a start-up’s culture following a merger or acquisition, examine how to solicit the customer feedback your start-up needs at each stage of its development, stress the importance of passion and flexibility to an entrepreneur’s success, and list five reasons why start-up founders shouldn’t be worried about what their competitors are doing.

Cashing Out Without Killing the Company You Built – Chris Morris, CNBC

Selling your start-up to a larger company often means jeopardizing its defining culture.

How to Solicit the Customer Feedback Your Start-up Needs – Brian Casel, Mashable

Customer feedback is the most essential tool to help your company prepare for launch.

Start-up Strategy: A Fixed Passion and a Flexible Approach – Peter S. Cohan, Entrepreneur

To succeed as an entrepreneur, your business must be more than a means to make a living, and your strategy must be flexible.

Stop Stressing About Start-up Competitors – David Quail, StartupNorth

You’re not Apple and they’re not Samsung, so stop worrying about what your start-up competitors are doing.

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