Founders Flash

This week’s articles examine the difference between hiring a CEO and turning over control of your business, include tips for young start-ups on avoiding common mistakes, share public relations advice from a start-up reporter, and discuss why “no” is a word that start-ups should actually want to hear.

Handing Over Your Company To Someone Else To Manage – Fred Wilson, AVC

Following the announcement of Zynga’s CEO transition, Fred Wilson talks about entrepreneurs who choose to hand their company over to someone else to manage.

16 Common Mistakes Young Start-ups Make – Lauren Drell, Mashable

Some tips from the pros to help you avoid some of the most common, game-ending mistakes committed by young start-ups.

Why I Won't Be Writing About Your Company – Eric Markowitz, Inc.

An entrepreneurship reporter discusses how a start-up can get a reporter interested in their business. 

Talking to Angels and VCs? Get to ‘No’ as Fast as You Can – Brian S. Cohen, VentureBeat

The chairman of New York Angels says that start-ups seeking angel funding shouldn’t be so afraid of the word “no.”

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