Founders Flash

This week’s articles address issues faced during small business mergers, discuss the costs that should be considered before jumping into crowdfunding, examine how a CEO can use social media to boost employee morale and improve the company’s image, and suggest ways to keep productivity up during the summer months.

How to Keep Your Small Business Merger From Crashing – Karen E. Klein, Businessweek

Small business mergers are on the rise, but poor planning and culture clashes keep many from being successful.

Small Business Advice: Costs to Consider Before Jumping into Crowdfunding – Bob Carbone, The Washington Post

Even with the new JOBS Act in place, new transaction and compliance costs will still be a factor to consider when raising capital.

CEOs Who Are Active On Social Media Boost Employee Morale And Their Company's Image – Cooper Smith, Business Insider

Participating in social media is a great way for CEOs to improve employee morale and prove the company is tech savvy.

8 Start-up Perks for the Summer Months – Young Entrepreneur Council, Inc.

It’s easy to lose focus on a beautiful day – here are a few ways to keep productivity high and still make the most of the summer months.

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