Founders Flash

This week’s articles suggest eight ways to gather customer feedback on Twitter, offer advice from Mark Suster on hiring a co-founder, advise against letting your work as a founder compromise your day job performance, and discuss how to pace the scaling of your start-up.

Eight Ways to Get Customer Feedback Via Twitter – Sheine Austria, Dealer Marketing Magazine

Twitter is a great resource for customer feedback – here are eight ways to use it effectively.

Mark Suster Tells Founders To Be Authentic, Hire Co-Founders, And Give Before Taking – Derek Andersen, Tech Crunch

Upfront Ventures’ Mark Suster shares a perspective on the co-founder relationship that is real, not romanticized.

How to Keep Your Job While Getting Your Own Business Off the Ground – Kathryn Tuggle, The Street

Starting up requires hard work and devotion, but don’t allow your efforts to put you at risk of losing your day job.

Scaling Your Start-up: The Deliberator’s Dozen – Michael Skok, Linkedin

Scaling too early can cost you, but scale too late and you may miss the opportunity to lead.

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