Founders Flash

This week’s articles discuss how to secure investments for your enterprise start-up, examine various interview techniques to help you become a smarter interviewer, address Gmail’s new inbox and how it may actually prove beneficial to email marketers, and identify ten ways you can use big data to get to know your customers.

How To Score Investments In Your Enterprise Startup – Lynda Dishman, Fast Company

Even with dollar amounts soaring from 2011 to 2012, it’s still hard work to score investments for your enterprise start-up.

5 Extreme Interview Tactics: Do They Really Work? – Bruna Martinuzzi, Open Forum

In order to find better talent, you need to become a smarter interviewer.

Is Gmail's New Inbox an Email Marketing Killer? – Theresa Cramer, EContent

Gmail’s new inbox seems like a huge blow to email marketers, but it may actually prove beneficial.

10 Ways to Use Big Data to Get to Know Your Customers Better – Mike Dickey, Wired

Here are ten ways big data can help you get to know your customers.

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